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UK Tour Dates
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  • KatRobin said:

    Should be expecting our tickets for the Leicester gig to plop onto the doormat any day now- not that I'm panicking either!

    Hi. Have you received your tickets yet? I've had them sent to my. Moms as any important mail i just dont trust coming to my own address (including parcels) just getting a bit worried now. Eek! Lol

  • Hi Cookie, yes they arrived the other day, phew! We'll be there if you want to meet up and say hi to us!
  • Hello fellow Frappers
    I shall be at De Montfort this Saturday. I’m meeting another Frapper at a pub called Loaded Dog (I think) on London Road about 5pm
    Burger and a pint type place but it’s ok as well so if anyone is about pop along
    I can’t queue at this one as got to wait for my sister to finish work at 5.30 so will meet her either there or st venue. Hope to meet anyone else going
  • May see you there Hells, we will make a note x
  • Anyone else going to Birmingham apart from me and Giancarlo?
  • KatRobin said:

    May see you there Hells, we will make a note x

    I’ll PM you my mobile Kat if you want so you can text me when in Leicester so we can meet up. Me and Phil intend to go to the pub I mentioned for cheap pint and burger. If not there’s a bar at the venue which is quite nice if we meet their instead
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  • Nice one - I shall just check my messages and get back in a mo!
  • Yup - got it. I shall text you this eve to try it out! Catherine and I have been up since 3 am this am (insomniaaaaaahhhhhh!!!) so we re going to PJ up and tuck up by 8 tonight so that we're fit to party tomorrow lol. We may forget to get dressed in the morning but if the venue is dark it'll be ok.
  • The show was excellent as usual, despite Alison having a cold? It was lovely to meet up with Helen and Phil and briefly say hi to Little Bird ( I see you got the napkins over!). Sorry we couldn't have stayed on afterwards. The highlight for me was the opening- Voicething into Zodiac Black...fantastic :)
    Hit the honey and ACV Alison!
  • So did anyone manage to talk to Madame Frapp? 

    I stumbled across this whilst browsing tinternet and thought she looked a lot like Alison. The headpiece is pretty nifty dontcha think. Alison could be picking up radio waves whilst on stage :))

    Related image

    And here is Mr Will Gregory's outfit

    Image result for mens moon outfit
  • The whole picture of the woman is fascinating indeed.  Very mystical feel.
  • I really like her top- it's very pretty and glittery. I would wear that myself. I'm fact I do have a top similar to it. And with the headband I'd take the moon off it but maybe clip on some little beads to the actual band so that they hang down and reflect the light.

    This looks reminds me of the 1920 flapper girls.
  • it's a Beaver Moon this weekend apparently. (snigger).
  • What is a beaver moon? And why is it called that? Oh and Kat.... I'm still waiting for your ghost story.. knowing you well it will be the ghost of a llama or hedgehog =))
  • There has been a gig cancellation folks. Please refer to Facebook.

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