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Goldfrapp "Copy Cats"
  • I saw someone posted a video on a thread somewhere about a Goldfrapp "copy cat". I can't seem to find it again, but it got me interested. Do you know of any songs/artists that sounds like a Goldfrapp "copy cat"? 

    (Angela, sorry to bring cats into this)
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  • In terms of Goldfrapp's "upbeat songs/directions," here are a few songs off the top of my head that sound like bootlegged Goldfrapp lol...

    GRANTED, I feel like Goldfrapp wouldn't sound "Goldfrapp" (from the Black Cherry era) without this song from 1981 (originally a 1979 Cuddly Toys' song [David Bowie / Marc Bolan]) ...

    AND, I feel like Shiny and Warm would sound different if this song didn't exist...

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  • Ooh Rachel Stevens! I was a huge S Club 7 fan :) I first discovered Goldfrapp on Rachel's MySpace page. I haven't listened to R.S. in forever, but I recently started listening to "come and get it" again, and I can totally hear the Goldfrapp influence. :)

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