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  • @ponygurl-are you ok, as you sound a bit different today. I don't know what it's like to be physically connected to someone so I'm guessing you don't know this person or ypu did and this is some kind of prolonged anguish. Or is it a conflict of beliefs? I think the word or turn of phrase is forgiveness. Forgive yourself first before you forgive the mistakes of others.

    You fear judgement from whom exactly?
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  • You know in your head and your soul that this person (whoever he/she is) is no good for you. That voice is the voice of reason and truth. You can't ignore it. It won't go away until you take heed of it.

    You now got to muster the strength to say no enough is enough.
  • I know I sound different and thanks for even engaging in this conversation, as strange as it is. I really do need healing and I had thought this particular connection I had with someone could do it, but instead the opposite happened. When I say 'terrible things' I'm saying they deepened my psychological wounds instead of healing them. All my life, I've been running from toxic situations..neglectful parents, co-dependent relationships, life draining jobs- every time I think I find some type of sanctuary, it gets taken from me. I just thought maybe, just maybe this person could be my sanctuary and I can stop running. I guess I was just a fool to think I could find it outside of myself
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I guess the word 'judgement' has many definitions- but it deals with truth. The truth of what this person did and it's repercussions. It wasn't all just 'psychic' connection...it was rooted in the real pain they caused
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Maybe you could start if you want by telling us a bit more about what this person did or has done to cause your upset? Sounds like you've gone through more ups and downs than a yoyo.
  • (Just think back on how you felt about the Boots thing and multiply it by 100)

    Anyway, I would love some rock and crystal suggestions for healing- something to piece back together a shattered heart. It's an old injury and the super-glue hasn't worked.
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Hmm.... that was some CRAZEEEEE shit!!

    To be honest I find the whole thing pretty funny now. I mean if you can't laugh at the sheer absurdity of it then you know....

  • I've dealt with all sorts of people. Very very strange people in my lifetime. And you just say "nah not today". Lol. You don't need to seek approval from people or from anyone. But I'm pretty confident enough to speak up when I feel like someone has pissed me off.

    I don't mince my words. I think you probably are all aware by now. 
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  • I'll tell ya what's crazier, psychic connection! I've even stood close to a friend of mine and thought something, only to have him say it verbatim out loud! So much invisible phenomena that has yet to be explored. It happens most when the brain is in meditative state, Theta Wave possibly? One thing to remember though, the waves bounce back..we live within a sphere of reactive light. It penetrates and informs. This is done invisibly like other wave technology.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Smokey quartz, black tourmaline, or best of all, nuumite forpsychic protection. Or shungite.
    Combined with lots of walks in nature, preferably with a dog.
    Practise mindfulness and be kinder to yourself. And position a mirror facing outwards onto the street in your window- I do.
  • Kind of like the Star Wars programme but on a smaller scale.
  • You need to wear a chunk of aquamarine around your neck, PG.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  •  You don't need to seek approval from people or from anyone.

    One of the most important thoughts ever.  It is that that gets you in trouble, PG.  Attempting to depend on another for salvation.  I've learned that lesson the hard way.  Hey!  If you learn that lesson now, you'll beat me by thirty or so years!

    You need to get out and get out, now, PG, for certain.  It sounds like it is so toxic that you really need to wash your soul of them but, you certainly at least need to cut them off.  While I say that keeping someone in your heart no matter what, that only pertains if they are not ghouls in their nature.  Have I mentioned before that one of the most insane things that mankind has evoked is 'love and obey your parents' no matter how big an idiot they are?  The ramifications of that stupidity rings through the ages.
  • I guess the real question is how to heal one's soul.  You know, PG, you always seem so confident I guess it comes as a surprise that you seek others to lean on.

    So, the question stands.  How does one right one's own ship to the extent that one need not seek someone else to do it.  I guess, for me, it seems there is only one starting place.  You've got to root out all of the bullshit that has been incurred.  You know me by, now, PG, I'd go into lengthy discussions if you were interested but privately might be best.  

    For me, ripping out those paradigms that clutter the landscape has always been second nature.  In fact, most of the less insistent nonsense and rituals that mankind takes part it never even gained a foothold.  It's like I just didn't even notice them and they slipped right by.  I'll note a couple of simple examples that a good friend of mine once pointed out.  Something as simple as lighting a lighter seems to be a ritual that most everyone learns from someone else.  And, the way they learn it is to drop the thumb on the same side and the fingers/hand.  This never made any sense to me, I can't even say I noticed it.  So, I've always dropped the thumb on the opposing side.  I wear my watch on my dominant hand facing inwards.  This also makes all the sense in the world.  It is much easier to glance at the watch when it is on the inside of your wrist.  You don't need to make a big production out of it.  And, of course, also, if someone throws a beer can at you, you will normally block it with the outside of your wrist, which will protect the face of the watch!

    Even with this natural inclination to shed paradigms like a duck sheds water, it's not been easy to keep complete confidence in myself.  I think it partly comes from a nature that can make others uncomfortable as I'm willing to suggest some seemingly seriously crazy ideas.  This tends to put others off.  You certainly follow this characteristic, I think, PG.  The thing is, once you've really proven yourself right enough times (which means all nonsense has to be put aside) it, once again, becomes easier to gain that confidence back.  Being a strategist and a synergist didn't help either, since I tend to think in terms of years, decades and centuries for fruition (keeps things interesting).  But, I have made enough concrete successes, in the short term, to convince myself.  I've repaired my bones, my teeth, my weight, and my very health, as well as teaching myself to play piano very well without ever having looked at the keyboard, by finally ignoring the common nonsense and concentrating on finding real solutions.  And, those are just a few examples of the short term proofs.  Real, concrete proofs that have nothing to do with knowing how to 'play the game' or ruthlessness to become successful, which many use as proof of their value.  And, then, I've convinced myself, through, deep study and analysis and stubborn refutation of anything that could not prove itself thoroughly, that mankind can be magnificent.

    Anyways, I'm not going any further for public consumption. Hehehe.  TMI as it is....
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  • It's looking like an exciting weekend at crystals4u online shop. Lol.

    And Kat why do I need a mirror pointing towards the street? I really dont want to zoom in any further on the neighbours. I know the neighbours over the road get up to questionable things. Candle lights flickering in bathroom...for hours. And it wasn't a house fire.

    You know what I'm saying.

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