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Music Glue : Order issues
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  • Ryanoc91 said:

    I live in Ireland!

    Normally I will get orders from the UK in around 4-5 working days, but its passed that and nothing from Music Glue has shown up yet, and there's no tracking number so I don't know when I'll receive it. I really hope Goldfrapp's management decide to go with a different company for the release of the next album. I've never seen so many disappointed and angry fans, over something which was easily preventable.

    "Your order will reach you VERY soon" - Music Glue

    I really hope they do go with another distributor next time as well! Who ever heard of paying 20 USD for a small poster and badge set?!? For that price they should at least provide a tracking number!! Horrible company!

  • So excited for my Blondie Pollinator order to go through the same bullshit.
    Hasn't shipped, despite the album coming out on Friday. Ah well.

    Still, my Silver Eye bundle arrived in pristine condition, undamaged, signed and precisely as I ordered it. It was needlessly two weeks late, but I was grateful for it being error-free otherwise. I gave these guys another chance with Blondie but it really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I really hope artists stop using Music Glue for cool merch and bundles in the future, though,

    They honestly just plain suck, despite my good fortune. 
    And if it's not them but rather the distributor (as they tell me) then they both suck as they can't just man up and admit to mistakes and make things right. Pointing fingers does not solve the problem. Admitting to mistakes and acting upon them will. Take it from someone who actually works in marketing (me). They're still using the same distributor for Blondie, so they haven't learned their goddamn lesson yet evidently.

    Obviously I'm speaking about this in regards to the horrible experiences I'm seeing on here. I was lucky, but honestly this crap wouldn't happen in the first place if competent people and systems were in place.


    Looks like the signed art prints by Blondie for most bundles were damaged (I smell bullshit), and just hours after being told this my order magically was dispatched and included a tracking number, only because I went up one side of these people and down the other.


    Still reeling from the $50 CDN in shipping though.

    FIFTY. Would have been 150 if I went for the ultra collector (priciest) bundle like I wanted to do.
    Never again, ever.
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