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Goldfrapp confirmed for Glastonbury 2017
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  • Yo, great job HJ. Downloaded without a hitch. Nice to see Sally Traffic around the 32 minute mark.

    No problem.
    Yep, here's a still of Sally on t' telly. (Maybe not the best shot/expression of her but the only frame that had her face fully lit!) You gotta give her 10/10 for glitter & sequins! :-)

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  • Wow, even my rock-orientated Father watched their performance and thought they were good. He was a bit confused by the dancers though lol.

  • My god they were INCREDIBLE. I spent most the day getting nervous because I wanted to make sure I was at the John Peel in good time but it was perfect timing..

    The setlist, the lights, the sound... and Alison! Everything was immense. Hands down one of my fave Frapp gigs.. only 10 songs in an hour slot but it moved along seamlessly and from where I was standing the crowd were enjoying it. I may have drank too much as I was screaming and shouting the words at the top of my lungs..  a major highlight from the festival! Beaming from ear to ear :)

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