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  • Here it is:


    Includes a bit of an interview. For the song alone, here is a Youtube link, courtesy of Lady_Stoneheart


    "The track will be available on all platforms tomorrow", says Alison
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  • aaronnnx said:

    Doesn't appear we get to download it if we brought a digital album from the frapp store :(

    I just got an email from Music Glue with instructions for the download of Ocean (I ordered the CD)
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  • I hope they're doing a little documentary or something to go along with the SE era. I would love to see them rehearsing in Will's garage. Maybe a little tour video..something.

    *been listening to Tigerman and keep singing Spiderman by accident. Tigah man, tigah mah..an..

    (I should've put this in SE section, whoops)
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    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Oh my gosh  :D
    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • Loving it
  • feels like COMPLETELY new sound for them. maybe just a little bit of Thea but that's it.

    I'm totally not overwhelmed with the sound and tearing up at my desk... 
  • Really dark isn't it! those heavy synths.. shifting like tectonic plates 
  • Gorgeous, and miles ahead of Anymore...
  • It's sounds quite Sci Fi to me, the Stranger Things soundtrack springs to mind  
  • EXACTLY what I hoped the rest of it would sound like, although I'd kill for just one more complete chorus at the end. This was an awesome decision, choosing "Ocean". The electronica festivals around the world and major promoters will indeed notice it, and fitting considering they really want to do a big tour. This could be the track that wakes up the world and makes the band known, if marketed widely and given massive airplay.

    I truly sincerely hope this gets a video - and one featuring Alison for more than a few seconds, with any luck! Can picture her anchored in a vertical wind tunnel singing the chorus, trails of fabric whirling around her arms and strobe lighting whipping around her. Best song they've released in a decade, in my opinion.

    Also, if this doesn't go on the soundtrack for the new Blade Runner or Stranger Things, I'd be shocked.

    It's getting at least 100-200 plays per minute on YouTube right now, and still not a single dislike. 
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  • This song is outstanding, but it totally deserves an extended version (and/or a remix by Röyksopp). Can't wait to hear it live!
  • My ears are tingling but my stomach's churning....just read in the article there that the " trio of UK gigs" get a mention then the later European ones...please tell us there'll be more in the UK later this year? Surely?!!
    I'm reserving comments about any of the tracks until I've listened to the whole album ten times.
  • OMG!!!Jesus Christ <3 this song is one pesimistic,cold,beautifully dark,stomping,opulent masterpiece :)
    I love it so much :) !!!!

  • So POWERFUL! :)
    Music Junkie
  • Wow, such a serious track, full of scale and brooding menace! If the rest of the album is like that, we are in for a treat!
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

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