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Our Silver Eye-Inspired Art Work
  • I've been inspired to create a few photos to celebrate the new album. I may make more at a later date when we finally get to hear the album! It would be nice to see other fans' art inspired by the album and song titles. This photos were created using a selection of mineral specimens from my collection, a moonscape image on my laptop screen and amy silver eye ring (which may interest you Slippage, as you commented on it before - The bezel looks like the ring A is wearing in the Anymore video. Sadly I can't wear this ring as I'm allergic to it!). Hope you like :-*
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  • Julex said:

    Glitterizer - you really captured the mood of the songs,I just don't really get Faux Suede Drifter and you went into fun territory with Ocean :)

    Thanks! Well, the girl in the pic is wearing a faux suede jacket hahahaha, and reading the lyrics I get the sense that the song is about a lover who can't settle down with you, someone whose motives are mysterious and may give off a "nostalgic for something they never had" vibe, a wanderer, a drifter, and I kinda thought the image conveyed that. 

    Hmm, I feel like the song is about a woman's intuition telling her that her lover is cheating. I get a 'jealousy' vibe and the feeling was never brought out into the open or discussed. Maybe it's the 'touching you with a loaded gun' line.
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  • Having a few technical difficulties....as usual....lol....
  • imageI know these are getting a bit same, but here're a couple more. The grey mineral "mountain" is a clump of natural branch aluminium (from China); the tall blue coloured spire piece is Blue Aragonite (also from China) and the translucent glassy piece which appears in different colours is a piece of Fishtail Selenite. In case there are any other Nerds out there!! :-B
  • I love artists! Always wondering what's coming next out of their over productive ( and wierd) imaginations.
    Nice to see you spending time on something away from work KR!
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  • Back to the Grind tomorrow. That was Grind...not Grindr.
  • KatRobin said:


    This one's awesome. Think there just needs to be a little bit of light on the eye to give a central focusing point.

  • I love it Kat! What a lovely collection you have! I think you found Alison's missing eye from the banner :p
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • This is a pic I took of a friend on a recent kayak trip. This really wasn't Silver Eye inspired, but his shaved head makes me think of it. He looks a bit alien, haha.

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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • KatRobin said:


    Love these! very cool ring too. :)

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