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  • Could I please ask all fans of Goldfrapp to contact any of 'Goldfrapp' sites to request that they film one of the upcoming shows, to be released as a DVD.
    I think that we really need some up to date footage, as decent concert video appears to be few and far between.
    Thanks very much to all.
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  • We all wish for this but it's never gonna happen given Alisons pure hatred of live recordings, the best we can hope for is one of the gigs being streamed online but this is usually reserved for festival appearences (iTunes Festival for Head First and Montreux Jazz Festival for Tales of Us are probably the best recent ones). There's been loads of shows filmed since Wonderful Electric that have never been released spanning all eras, Alison just really doesn't want to release any of them.
  • What a real shame!!
    Just hoping that if everyone posted a request then it MIGHT just have the impetus to make it happen.....

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