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  • I sure hope you are not offended, Iuventus.  It's just we are having such fun with the term "redundant"!  I don't know why, but it truly caught me in my funny bone.  That doesn't partcularly mean what I"m writing is amusing, though I hope so.

    It is Whick, trust me on that one.

    So back to the "redundancy" subject: when I was a school boy of about 14 years old, I had to read a book, called "Redundancy pay" to improve my knowledge of the English language. Read the book (don't know the author anymore), and at my exam I had to answer many questions about it. It then turned out that I had no clue as to what the word "redundant" meant. Totally flunked that exam, as you can well imagine. Still, I remember the title of the book, so i must have leant something?
    Thank god for Google Translate nowadays....
  • i thought redunancy/redunant only ment been finished from work.... still got lots to learn....
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • So, Jeronimooo, what did you think redundant meant?

    Archway, you mentioned the origin of the word, "Rant".  Funny that it's origuinal meaning really suits "Rave".  Does that mean both threads should be just good fun?  I like that idea.

    The Dutch word that I love to rave about is "sabotage".  The origin of the word is that, "sabot", are those wooden clogs and, in a riot concerning something about windmills, the Dutch threw their sabots into the windmill gears to break them.  Hence, "sabotage".  I just love it!
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  • To be honest, I am not sure "sabotage" is actually a Dutch word. It sounds very French to me. The wooden clogs are called "klompen" in Dutch. That doen´t really sound like sabot. So ehh... I´m not too sure about that. But i do have wooden clumps myself, and I actually use them quite a lot!

    This is what Google translate mentions for the meaning of "redundant":
    1. surplus, superfluous, overflowing
    2. abundant, plenty, plentiful, copious, profuse
    3. lush, luxuriant, sumptuous, opulent, luxurious
    4. garrulous
    5. redundant (when you´re fired)
    I only knew it in the first of these meanings.

    RAAAAAAAVING and RAAAAAAANTTTTTTING at the same time sure catches one in his funny bone. But I don´t know if Iuventus is too happy about us hijacking his RAAAAAAVE!!!! thread...?
  • Do they not have a Dutch word which is used when your role at work is no longer required? That is by far the most common use of the word in English.
  • OK, you cleared that one up for me, H_Jack. Thanks!

    @Whickwithy: you were right about the wooden clogs and the word "sabotage". I looked it up in an on line etymological dictionary. Only in weren´t the Dutch who threw their clogs in the windmills, but the story is about French factory-workers, who threw their clogs at modern machinery during the industrial revolution.
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  • Do they not have a Dutch word which is used when your role at work is no longer required? That is by far the most common use of the word in English.

    Hmmmm, says a lot about our countries, I think.  And, none of it good.

    @Jeronimooo: Ah!  French!  I read your other post first and was thinking that you were right about sabot sounding French.  In fact, it seems like there is a French martial art of a similar name.

    Please forgive us, Iuventus, for having such fun with your thread!  Nice to have one that isn't a drone (and, no, I'm not talking about robot airplanes!).
  • French people and Dutch people both have something to do with cheese I believe, So maybe they are more or less the same ;)

    I think Iuventus will forgive us. Having fun was the whole idea of making this thread, wasn't it...?
  • I don't understand.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Having fun was the whole idea of making this thread, wasn't it...?

    That was my thought.

    iuventus said:

    I don't understand.

    Are you having fun, Iuventus, that is the main question?  To put on my Yoda hat, "Not question of understanding.  Question of Fun.  Are fun you having?"

    And, oh, by the way, I don't think I've understood a whole lot about the whole redundant discussion but that really was part of the fun.  I often find incoherency, in the right measure, to be lots of fun!
  • Not everything turns out bad!

    The Pussy Riot girls and the Greenpeace 20 have just been released from Russian prisons. Yaay!

    They both say that pressure from international lobbying made the difference.

    Nadezhda Tolokonnikova said, "It was not an act of humanism. The authorities have simply backed off under pressure...my prisin guards were freaking out when letters started pouring in from everywhere - America, Turkey, Bulgaria, even China...."

    And Greenpeacer Alexandra Harris said it was down to the Russian Government wanting to avoid increasing global criticism in the lead up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. "Because the world's watching us, and they're scared of what we are going to say now."

    So don't just moan - organise!
  • Today, I am AMAZING!
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • ^ Fuck yeah! I want some of that.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • ME!

    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Blake yes? Blake is a badass, like you :)
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL

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