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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Ooooh!  Very interesting, loving the synths again.  Excited for the release tomorrow, so we can finally pass verdict.  The delivery of the lyrics is nothing we've really heard from Alison either.

    Well spotted Teddy!
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    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • I'm not convinced that's AG - "I can't wait anymore" as stated in the message could be just a tease drawing us in before tomorrow. Let's wait and see - not long now.
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • OMG OMG OMG I'm a little verklempt... tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!
  • this album is gonna kick ass - i can feel it in my bone(s)
  • Am thinking those caps are to help put on wigs and Alison is blonde in the pic so maybe the red hair was a wig?

    OK OK Sherlock's finished so am missing my weekend sleuthing....
  • OMG... I just Shazamed the new clip... LOOOOOOK :O image
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  • Just tried that after seeing your post Ryan to clarify and it's true!  Where is Shazam pulling this information from? 
    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • I LOVE that cover. I wonder if it's going to be the album cover or the single cover
  • @Gaelen... no idea. I'm assuming Shazam is connected to Spotify, Apple Music, etc... meaning the song IS already sitting there on those servers... which means it should be available VERY soon... most likely tomorrow after the debut. Ahhhhh so excited! image
  • Odd cover IMO, no merchandising on it at all.  Also the tree, does it happen to be the seventh? :P 

    *UT mode deactivated*

    I definitely think that's the single cover though, not the full album.  I wonder who the 9 were that Shazam'd it before you, Ryan?  Could have been Alison going "Oh fuck, I hope nobody see's this" 
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    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • If this is the single cover, I love it. Simple and efective. Now, please, just let us hear the song....
  • found this: "electronic duo Goldfrapp is ready to start the promotion of its awaited seventh studio album, which is expected to be released sometime this year via Mute Records.
    The first official single is called “Anymore“, and receives its first play during Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 show on Monday January 23rd."

    link is here: http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/
  • @Gaelen, ha! I was thinking the same thing... "Who in the hell Shazamed it 8/9 times before me and didn't post about it?!"
  • If it wasn't for the music I'd just love them for their always amazing visuals. This is going to be wonderful!

    Thanks in advance.
    Be patient.
  • It's ten till midnight here in the UK and i'm wondering if the single will go live.  The annoying thing about it being played on Lauren's radio broadcast is there hasn't been a bloomin time specified.
    Soon be nothing of this world.

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