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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • HolyOwl said:

    Is it rude to point this out?  


    No, rather obvious. But I'm fine with it.
    Maybe some sounds just require certain imagery.

    There are quite a few examples of this imagery. I'm confident Goldfrapp will make it all their own... and really it's about the music at the end of the day.

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  • Everything about the campaign, including the teaser images and video have the markings of Ms. Lee, but I share Lukas' confidence that they will make it their own.  
  • Is it rude to point this out?  


    What context is this in HT?

    Sorry for double-post.  In response to urban_tribesman: context
  • Re: iamamiwhoami
    When those teasers first came out, I was convinced it was gonna be Goldfrapp. Haha
  • none of the (somewhat cynical) comparisons (based on a 4 second clip and a few images) put me off because goldfrapp have always been utterly incomparable and will continue to be so with this album (prediction with conviction)
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  • Ever thought that this could be a complete curved ball - it's too close. I have an image of Will and Alison chuckling at all the speculation as I'm sure they are among us in some form! Patience is a vertue Deers.
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • It's not rude at all; it's very reminiscent of iamamiwhoami whether they intended it to be or not. Either way it's somewhat entertaining given Alison's rather abrupt manner of dealing with comparisons to her work at the start of the decade.

  • Spotify images have now changed too to match the artwork already released, it won't be long I am sure of it. And for all those mentioning IAMAMIWHOAMI Goldfrapp was here first, always involved in nature so I wouldnt be surprised if the inspiration actually came from the other way around!
  • That little music blurp is awful nice.  It should keep people content for months, right?
  • When Alison tweeted about the full clip being available, I got excited thinking they had finally released the single.  Alas it was only a full 4 seconds :(
    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • Excited. Hope it's soon...
    Can't wait to see Tour dates too
  • I wonder if they'll get added to Coachella.  Although, with our luck, they'd probably be programmed against Roisin Murphy, Little Dragon, Lorde, Royksopp, the xx and up-and-coming singer Beyonce.  
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  • "up-and-coming singer Beyonce"  :)) Haha
  • Well, they're amping up the promo for the album, and sites such as Idolator are taking notice. Surely they'll do a proper album announcement/single tease/radio premiere within the next week or so, while the general public and industry is remembering this wonderful band exists.

    Well, hopefully anyway!
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