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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Low said:

    rewak said:

    No Little Bird, please God be a sign it's finally out of live set lists!

    Little Bird is a work of majesty

    The extended live Hairy Trees is better and deserves a revival.

  • The Wikipedia Goldfrapp page has removed Pangaea from the discography section. Stops now at ToU.

    It's this week. It's got to be. Too much fiddling everywhere for it not to be.
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  • The person who's edited the Wiki page is also the same person who added Goldfrapp to the TBA albums list of 2017 wiki.  Funnily enough though, they added info into the live performances section of 'All I Want For Christmas', bit bizarre :P 
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  • It's probably them messing with us, lol! I wouldn't put it past Alison to fiddle about - one only needs to see the amount of teasers she puts out to know how much she loves to torture us (lovingly)!
  • I am literally on here every hour refreshing the forums to make sure i haven't missed anything. I'm ready!
  • Me too Lukas, it's been a slow news day today though :-( 

    I have been pondering if all the images we have been seeing with the models in of late are possible single covers?  I can't imagine what their purpose is other than that, now that's there's three it seems odd they'd waste them.
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  • I hope we get a good slog of information tomorrow. Today's been almost too slow...

  • Maybe I am praying for too much, but it would be amazing to see some documentary like A Short Film
  • Minor piece of information but 3 days ago the Goldfrapp TV channel uploaded the audio of Simone, Ulla, Alvar and Clay in order to complete all of the Tales of Us album on their YouTube channel. Strange decision to do this so long after the release but I guess they're just filling out the portfolio before Number 7 comes along.

  • Mentioned that a couple of pages ago, seems interesting they'd do that now.
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  • Gaelen said:

    Mentioned that a couple of pages ago, seems interesting they'd do that now.

    Sorry! Hard to keep up.
    Nice to see they give underrated songs like Koko a spot on their spotify playlists though. They don't only just care about the singles unlike a lot of bands.

  • Just had a wee look at the playlist and I have to say i'm impressed with the pickings!  Especially the A&E remix...

    I hope they finally get a banner on iTunes, feels scandalous that they only get the generic layout. 
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    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • It would be so silly to delay the announcement any longer than Friday, especially with Friday being the day when iTunes refreshes their store with new music and pre-orders (not to mention hype has peaked as high as it can prior to any single release, and it would just grow increasingly annoying to stretch the wait out longer - not a good thing). The band's discography is now being fiddled with at least every hour on the hour. At one point there were no singles whatsoever, and before that there were only the soundtracks including 'Frapp songs present.
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  • I just hope that, in case there will be news tomorrow, they will still be recognized while the xx and Sohn are publishing their long awaited, probably also really great new LPs.

    Anyway, let's see which new singles spotify has to offer in about 2 minutes.
    Be patient.
  • I agree regarding Sohn (finally!!!!!) and The xx. Still, it could very well become one of those situations where multiple new electronica releases act as a sort of crutch for one another if released or announced at the same time, with people pinging from one album to another with interest. Of course, I speak from personal experience mainly - if multiple albums release in a similar non-pop genre that appeal to me or pique my curiosity, I tend to take interest and sample them all and not simply gravitate towards one.

    Really, I suppose it could go either way. Plenty of room on the charts for new music in this genre, though. A breath of fresh air.

    Another thing to consider is that those albums are being released in their entirety tomorrow, whilst Goldfrapp will put theirs for pre-order with a single, as per tradition. The new album might not be impacted.

    * Also, an update: The band's Spotify profile pic has been replaced with the website desert background. *
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