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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Still, for someone to say they sold on their copy of the album...to even post that here, on GMB, seems passive-aggressive to me. I doubt I'd volunteer that bit here even had I felt the same way.

    Eschewing genre and labels comes as par for the course for Goldfrapp, and I think the fact this album comes across as more squarely fitting into the synthpop genre, more than Supernature, Black Cherry, or Head First did, might irk some...maybe on a subconscious level, as some don't seem to discern that as a reason.

    That said, I'm no "they can do no wrong" fanboy either. For me, I come from the opposite spectrum of what many seem to embrace GF for. I learned to love the orchestration in those previous albums, and the differing genres of Tales Of Us and Seventh Tree. I do enjoy those albums (more as albums as a whole), but in different ways than others. While Silver Eye might not fire on every cylinder for some, it comes from a direction I tend to favor. For some others, I think that seems easier to pigeon-hole, and maybe some feel they didn't try as hard to break the mold this time.

    Ironically, I'm surprised the accusation here isn't more of a sense of Silver Eye seeming as rushed as Alison feels Head First was. I don't feel it plays that way, but I think you could make that argument far more easily than when listening to Head First.
  • Slippage said:

    I miss Tales of Us Alison so VERY much. The Tallulah Bankhead fashion sense and iconic style, the cinematic undertones, the sheer depth of that album.

    I personally think Alison - to an extent, Will - thrive in slower tempos which they have both alluded to in past interviews anyway.  

    I seem to recall Alison saying she loves the space in slower songs, which reflects on the depth you recognise in ToU.  It's also why the likes of Let It Take You and TOFTW are absolute gems.
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  • iuventus said:

    But, you know what, I can't name one where every album, every song, hits those heights. That would be impossible. All bands have albums that are a bit, well Meh, and most albums have tracks that are not as strong as others. That's ALL bands...

    Except Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush.

    And Blondie before 2000.

    Have to disagree there Iuv. I too love Kate, and remember when Wuthering Heights was released and we all thought ' what the fuck is that screeching like a cat' but her personality and musicianship and lithe writhing on stage ( I was a young lad at the time remember) won me over. However, I found Lionheart a bit of a struggle ( with a few fab tracks on it such as Wow and Hammer Horror but, overall, it was the same for me as Silver Eye. Curates Egg
    To demonstrate my point, the follow up, Never for Ever, was a fantastic album, and one I return to all the time. In fact, it is the only permanent KB album on my IPod. I eagerly bought The Dreaming but was again a bit Meh about it as an overall piece.
    Same happened for me with Sabbath, one of my other great loves. The first eponymously titled album is a tied on Blues/Rock all time classic and is the definite start of what is now called Heavy Metal ( without all the silly spandex wearing overblown toss pots that followed). 2nd album, Paranoid, again, an absolute classic beginning to end. Then came Masters of Reality and the star began to wane slightly. As a complete piece, no where near as solid as the first two. This continued through Volume 4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Some great songs but the message was becoming lost and there were weak tracks filling the holes. Then we got Sabotage and the same result, good tracks/bad tracks and at that point, I was losing interest. Sabbath fans refer to those first 6 albums as the Classic 6 because, after that, they did go further off the rails.
    You all know of my love for Toyah. Same thing. Brilliant first album, (Sheep Farming in Barnet) OK 2nd album (The Blue Meaning) which had some colossal tracks on it, a stunning live album (Toyah, Toyah, Toyah) then Anthem, then Changeling, another brilliant live album (Warrior Rock) then a rapid decent into much more commercial music and Meh
    The point of all this is that we can get too obsessed with our fav artists output and believe all that they do is either great or should be great. It much more of a sine wave I have found. Peaks and troughs,
    Relish the peaks, skate over the troughs as, without them, there are no peaks.
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  • @TinSoldier: "Ironically, I'm surprised the accusation here isn't more of a sense of Silver Eye seeming as rushed as Alison feels Head First was."

    THIS. Exactly! This entire era I can't help but to think of the way Alison treats and speaks about Head First... makes me think "Psh, if anything, those statements seem more applicable to Silver Eye than Head First." lol 
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  • Why isn't anyone becoming enraged and accusing Alison of exploiting the Wiccan community? LOLOLetc.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Happy birthday, Alison.
  • I think Silver Eye is about perfect.

    Baby Cphuwhu agwees.
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  • Do you think Alison is actually a Wiccan? Or playing with their image and ideology ( which is fine- I'm neither a practising and paid up Wiccan, Buddhist or Hindu, but I magpie bits and pieces that shine for me).
    If she is, then all these rumours about her moving to live in the States...well...Wiltshire is where it's at!
  • No idea, but I did say exploiting...
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Anyhow, I love the entire aesthetic of Silver Eye.

    More and more every day.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I am not done with the album yet, I love it!
  • why does it seem like promo's kind of dead altogether? this is Goldfrapp's most marketable and modern work since Supernature and yet... silence so quickly :(
  • why does it seem like promo's kind of dead altogether? this is Goldfrapp's most marketable and modern work since Supernature and yet... silence so quickly :(

    It does feel like it's died down a bit hasn't it? The fan reaction to the album seemed really reserved and short-lived as well, especially on here.

  • ^ it's only because we have moved on to telepathy. :-bd (no worries)
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  • I don't think it's a worry.  I think it is more of a statement about this site.  It hasn't been the same since, well, it became this site.

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