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Silver Eye (main album thread)
  • A teaser posted by Alison on Twitter and Instagram today!

    Let's discuss! 

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  • I thought it was Dallas?

    Correct, I just remembered Alison writing about and posting photographs of this area as an inspiration as well.

    I can't wait anymore.
  • Looks like me trying to use calligraphy pens...

  • Ahhhh, I just love women. The way they move, their fluidity, their strength. I'm not really sure why I'm feeling this after watching the video..maybe I always feel this way and it's just enhanced? We all start female in the womb, it's why men have nipples. Back on point, I love the androgyny. I say that, but really it's just a shaved head. When did all this stupid hair bullshit equate to sexuality? Why the fuck must a woman shave her body, and not men? Is it because the sexes are much more alike than they care to realize? You see none of this crazy bullshit in the Animal Kingdom, except Human. You see none of these crazy rules and laws imposed on the different sexes. It's just so strange to me.
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  • Ponygurl said:

    Are you guys just upset that there's no D in the video?

    There is a preponderance of V though.

    Agree with the concensus here
    Too generic
    Too arty
    Too little Alison
    Too little Lisa
    Not enough Wolf Ladies or kaleidoscope mirrored images
    When in Red, not enough of A with a whip!
    The red outfit should have been leather ( or faux suede???)
    It's Goldfrapp though, so as long as she stays away from that white corrugated lampshade outfit from the HF tour...
    Is this a Heaven?
    Is this a Hell?
    Do both exist?
    Who can tell?
  • I saw that slowly deflate and collapse one night. Alision was chasing roadies all over the stage, kicking their arses to re-erect it or make it stiff again! Bet she's not done that since!
    Is this a Heaven?
    Is this a Hell?
    Do both exist?
    Who can tell?
  • I absolutely love the samples :) I can't wait for the album to come out :) I'm sure the samples don't do the justice of a whole thing but still they sound bloody fantastic,the songs change so much even in those 1 minute clips so the whole album will be an awesome trip :)
     As everybody else,the track that excites me the most is OCEAN :) I'm amazed of that little bit when her voice goes fragile and then is followed by that rapturing chorus :D
  • At long fucking last the forum is back online, could they have timed the seemingly pointless outage any better?

    The album leaked last night, discussion has been rife over @ Popjustice
    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • Zodiac Black and Faux Suede Drifter are probably the best tracks on the album for me! So lush and dreamy. I'm glad the album seems to have a mix of everything, since I wasn't really feeling Anymore.

    I still haven't gotten an email from Music Glue. Although according to some people on popjustice they mightn't be shipped until tomorrow (even if you live on the other side of the world), and really they have no excuse for this because we know the physical copies existed a good few weeks ago.
  • After listening to the album from start to finish 3 times (since last night) I have to say the track that stood out the most for me was Zodiac Black. I was absolutely floored by the sonic layering and production of that track. How simply it starts out and then blooms like a black flower swallowing everything in its path. Massively epic track. 
  • kaleb20 said:

    Would you be so kind as to post pictures of the lyrics (if they were included at all)? :) Pretty please?

    Second that! =) With a cherry on top ;)

    Surely that's with a Black Cherry on top?
    Is this a Heaven?
    Is this a Hell?
    Do both exist?
    Who can tell?
  • They are included, I'll post a pic of them when i get home, bout an hour or so :)
  • I think Silver Eye is about perfect.

  • It's a COMING!

    Is it just me who from far away, thought those were two duck's bills?
    so excited
  • I'm walking around grinning like a doofus I'm so happy right now.

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