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Alison on BBC6 Music Tomorrow night (Nov. 20th) Reviewing new music up for the Mercury Prize
  • Do you guys think this be on I player?? I hope so, if not might miss it altogether:/ If someone is recording it pls let me know. I'm going to try and catch it somehow.

    Alison will be appearing on Tom Ravenscroft's @BBC6Music @MercuryPrize show at 8pm tomorrow

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
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  • Alison on Roisin!

    I meant "Alison on Roisin's Hai"... nevermind

    Alison reviews Roisin's new album. There.
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    I take the needle off the Technics and put it in my vein
  • Roisin's comments being played now... luurve dat accent! Love 'Hairless Toys' too, but I doubt she has much chance of winning.

    Alison's arrived in the studio...
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  • M, I hope someone manages to share it with you. (I won't be able to, myself.)
  • Her favourite Roisin tune- Evil Eyes (hmm, I like the nod to Persona...Bergman)

    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I just listened to this.  AG was one of a four-person discussion, and the music interspersed with jiingles, trailers, listeners' tweets etc.  Everyone did that sort of guarded, diplomatic critique - "I love her voice...maybe the production was a bit flat...but she's really good...etc etc", plus some strained, weakly humorous, bants. Three hours well spent if the alternative is rodding your blocked drains, maybe, Ms A.    
  • That's a pretty good summary, whisp. Although... Alison is only on between about 8pm - 9:30pm, so people wouldn't need to listen to the whole darn thing. And nice to see that the act she wanted to win... did (Ben Clementine).
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  • Even if the programme wasn't my cup of tea, I shouldn't forget to pay tribute to Alison. Again, she did her "casual" mention of Lisa, saying that her "girlfriend" had been playing one of the nominees around the house non-stop.

    Alison is just a great model for that subtle but assertive way of showing that what matters is love, not sexual styereotyping.    
  • I was able to sneak some of this show in while working, I may have caught most of it actually, even the part about Alison eating crisps on the air. I thought that was funny. Do love to hear her on the radio! Any excuse will do.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Is there an mp3 of this about?

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