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What i love about Goldfrapp
  • thought i'd have a go at sending out some positive vibes  :-h

    so here are some of the things i love about goldfrapp (my list is not exhaustive) 

    • there's a track for my every mood
    • there's no 'rinse and repeat', they have a go at moving things forward and trying other things 
    • alison's voice (its beautiful)
    • they've made me feel better when i've felt bad
    • live they are a.maze.ing
    • they make an effort with the whole presentation
    • i get excited thinking about hearing new music
    • alison is hot

    i shall probably add more later, your turn now! 
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  • They offer a space to feel calm in a stressed out world, that's a big key for me (just for a start)

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  • My personal reasons are thus:-

    1. When I first heard them I thought and still think they are one of the most original bands I've ever heard
    2. The artwork is sublime. Colourful, sensual, provocative, ambiguous, eccentric. BC stuff was maybe too sexual for my liking but hey ho. Kind of embarrasses me sometimes being shy like I am  :\">
    3. Music for all moods. FM and 7T for chilling me out. BC,SN and HF for having a good old dance \:D/
    4. Fantastic dedicated support for a band that's had little or no support from record company etc and half the time its been the fans have "kept things going"
    5. Alison and Will (and band) are such down to Earth non-pretentious geniuses who I think genuinely love and respect their fans.
    6. Breath taking live performances leaving you wanting more, more, more.
    7. Creating a World where I can lose myself into from the mundanity of every day life giving me the high in life that I need.
    8. Hard work that goes into the merchandise especially anything designed by Alison making it so more personal and less manufactured.
    9. Creating a real fun little band of lovely people from all over the World to get together in person and on a forum and becoming such good mates (how sycophantic!!)
    10. Finally, Alison is the most beautiful women I have ever seen and if I was a lesbian I would do her!! :D
  • - they always try something new in music, every album is a new experience
    - alison is an icon
    - they really care about visual side of records,music & visuals complement each other
    - some songs make me crying
    - they are always a step ahead
    - lyrics!!! I really wanna be a good writer as Alison is
  • - will reminds me of a slightly eccentric, snarky uncle. i think he is rad
  • Every album is different and hard to predict.

    They always deliver live.

    There's a sense of real creativity with each album campaign...
    E.g. the website setups, the single slipcases, Alisons drawings on the merch, series of imaginative remixes, a voice that sounds dreamy, powerful, pretty and sensual. A series of killer singles.

    Oh and a nice fanbase :)
  • Her vocal inflection above everything , it sounds a smidgen teutonic to me , a proper Alpine Princess 
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  • I'll just say

    HOORAY FOR THIS THREAD!!! for now....

    Nice one, Ping!

    I'll get back here at some point.

  • Well, okay, let me take it in snippets.

    I'm going to start off-target a little (does that surprise anyone?).  Alison.  I just adore her.  It wasn't the reason I came to this site, initially, it was all and only the music (which I'll get into later, if I feel a need to bump) but, Omigod, the Lady is special.  I think everyone realizes she's a pretty cerebral Lady who really doesn't care to put herself out there but, even so, she puts on a staggeringly good show.  And, yet, she has her limits.  In today's world, there is an easy formula to get to the top, if you have the slightest bit of musical talent.  Just be outrageous.  Some may disagree but I date it back to Alice Cooper.  Anyways, while she is willing to put on a show as it is surely part of ... the show!  She's not willing to go all outrageous and do silly stuff just for the sake of the press.  She's got heart and she has dignitiy that's not for sale.  I respect that tremendously.

    You see? That's why I came back quickly.  Otherwise, I realized, I would have texted out of the limit for number of characters for a post if I had waited long enough to make a list.  ;)

  • Got to say everything......

    I hated music before i heard GOLDFRAPP, they cover everything so no need to really like anyone else...simple's :-bd
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • You HATED music jozzy81??? I can't understand anyone hating music, thank goodness for that then, Goldfrapp cured you, another thing to love them for. Goldfrapp have great healing powers.......
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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Yep Border_Mind was more a gamer & watched to many films before Goldfrapp..... Music just never intrested me at all & hated it when my bro & sister cranked up the hifi. %-(

    But i do get my own back on them now because they don't like Goldfrapp..... :-) i had the last laugh (took many years but there...)

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    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • (sorry, couldn't resist...)
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • Dreeke said:

    (sorry, couldn't resist...)

    i agree Dreeke.... :)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • awwwwwww you guys ;)

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline

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