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Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - 04/04/2014
  • Not long to go now. As Alex can't go, I reckon there's only me, Rewak, Giancarlo & Ultrauk from the forum who'll be there. Anybody else?

    I miss all those from Scotland who used to frequent the old message board at one time or another. Diamond Black (who I met in Glasgow on the 7T tour), Vespertine, Caribou, Nightwing and Jennifer, among others. Perhaps some will be there.

    They played this venue on the Seventh Tree tour and it was simply one of the best gigs I've ever been to. We got the whole album played and I'll never forget Alison answering my call for 'Eat Yourself' with 'We better play it then' :)

    Of course, I made a real idiot of myself, being the only one up dancing for Number 1. Rewak, if that happens again, please kindly don't film it!
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  • No promises :P
  • See u there Keith. Any plans for meeting up before of after? :)
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  • Hia- I'll be there!
    Let me introduce myself. I was always aware of Goldfrapp but for some inexcusable reason I never bought their albums. Then I heard Melancholy Sky and thought it was absolutely brilliant so bought The Singles Cd and also caught up on what I was missing on Spotify (and then bought all the cd's!) . I was well and truly hooked by A & E and played it over and over. Then when Tales of Us came out I couldn't believe how wonderful it was- the first three tracks especially.
    From January this year I became obsessed- watching all the Goldfrapp video's on YouTube into the wee small hours of the morning! So now I'm delighted to be going to see them in my hometown on Friday. Going with a friend who has seen the before. Sooo looking forward to it!
  • ^ hello!
    You'll have a great time at the gig, they're wonderful live :)
  • ^ they're wonderful electric live! ;-)

  • Ultrauk said:

    See u there Keith. Any plans for meeting up before of after? :)

    I can't there very early, I'm afraid. Friday is a busy day at work so can't get away early and Glasgow is a 70 minute drive away. Will probably only get there around 8.15pm (8.30 at the latest). We can always meet at the main bar in the Concert Hall. I'm sure we'll find each other, just like in Salford & Brighton. What seat are you in by the way?

    Jane. Welcome to the forum & I'm glad the Scottish contingent has another passionate fan. Hope you've got a good seat, I'm in C29. By the way, do you have the Wonderful Electric DVD?
  • Thanks for the welcomes. No I haven't got the Wonderful Electric Dvd- I didn't know it existed until you mentioned it!

    That's a great seat you have. We're miles away by comparison. In the circle- fairly central, K77 & 78. I wasn't able to get any pre-sale tickets- i think I found out about it quite late on. How did you get such a good seat? I just went to the box office and couldn't get anything really close.
  • ^Got mine in the pre-sale. Not quite as good as 2008 when I was in the second row, right in the middle.
    AlexF was selling tickets for rows A, B and C but they're just single ones.

    You're in for a treat when you see Wonderful Electric. Recorded during the Black Cherry tour in 2003, it's a completely different vibe to the current show and simply electrifying. You can buy it via Amazon & the like but I'd check Fopp in the first instance.
  • For future reference, how do you get invited to buy tickets in a pre-sale?
  • ^ Jane, make sure you ask to go on the mailing list, via the main site. Think it's under 'newsletter' or similar menu-item. :-)
  • It's tonight.:)

    Fittingly, the bad weather is due to clear and the sun expected to put in an appearance.
  • Have a wonderful time everyone! Look forward to the reports later x
  • If anyone needs last min tickets on here for tonight's show I have several seats in first 3 rows. Tel 07973. 674586. Can meet in town or at venue. Please note these are single seats near each other. I'm selling them on behalf of Alex F who is unable to attend

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  • I'd love to UltraUK but I've already paid for two tickets !
  • The venue just put out a couple of tweets saying the expect Goldfrapp to be on at 8.30 tonight which, if correct, will be half an hour earlier than normal. Just in case that affects anyone's travel plans..?

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