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Reading Hexagon gig - 2 April 2014
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  • I really enjoyed that....great sound, great seat and got extended looks from Alison on two occasions....sadly didn't get any pics as the photo nazi was stood quite close.....that didn't stop the arse in front of me that got spoken to FIVE times!!!
  • Hahahaha. Brilliant night, brilliant gig - she seemed worried about the sound during the first few songs, made a couple of comments? But I agree, it sounded great!

    Thank you Rach for my guide to the station. Lovely to see you, always.

    Thank you Bottlehead for the ticket. Brilliant seat.

    Thank you Pob for being a GREAT gig buddy.

    Thank you Sally, for catch ups and drinks before the show.... And actually, for convincing me to go at all. Coz I wasn't gonna!!

    Great night. Pics to come of the souvenir,,,,, it's heavy.
  • alex_f said:

    My god, what an amazing sound!

    Sound-wise this was the best Goldfrapp concert in 2014! Wow.

    My earlier post reminded me of this:

    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • I logged in to post but fallen asleep in front of the PC, so looked as on line all the night ...

    Great, extraordinary gig ! Nice to meet Peter and Alex again, and to find Sally at the end near the stage.

    Pea souper behind Seb ... ahahah !

  • It was rather good wasn't it? I was worried that people wouldn't stand but it was actually pretty good in that respect, certainly in the stalls at least.

    Had a really nice time before hand, was nice and chilled. Had every intention of getting there before 8:30 but for some reason that didn't happen haha

    I think I read somewhere that the hexagon is famed for it's reverb. It used to have 40 microphones dotted around the venue and it used to scare the shit out of stand up comedians. Not sure it still does but there was definitely something going on, mostly evident in strict machine which I think was the best I've ever heard it (and I've heard it a fair few times ;) )

    Giancarlo/Alex, sorry I couldn't stay and chat properly... Had to power walk for my train back to Newbury. But it was lovely to say hi.

    Oh and yes, got angie's set list! Surprisingly there were only a couple of other people there asking. The guy came to me first, with Alex's. I politely said 'errrr, can I have angie's instead please?' And he looked at me as if to say 'not Alison's?' But grabbed it for me regardless :)
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  • God this lack of wifi in Reading is er jus like being at home. Had a nice walk by the river after a full massive breakfast.

    Upon reflection yes great gig. Tried camera smuggle after Marks sucess but I was sat too high up for good pics with a 200mm lens. I tried at least.
  • Another fantastic gig – much smaller hall than Brighton and Portsmouth but sound very good and the very appreciative audience mostly stood up when told! It was a completely flawless performance again though Alison was less communicative than she was at Portsmouth.

    I think the set list is excellent– we all have our favourites and songs we’d like to hear but this combination of TOU, old favourites and extended versions over a full 90 minutes is brilliant.

    Had to leave straight after to get train back to deepest (and very warm) Essex, but good to see Giancarlo & Alex and thanks again Alex for the ticket.
  • I agree about the set - I love having most of the TOU songs grouped together at the beginning, and the way they are lit, it just looks and sounds soooo beautiful..  Then its almost like you're suddenly in another show after Little Bird and we can all have a good dance... And how she goes from singing Utopia straight into Clowns I do not know.  Lovely Head is sounding INCREDIBLE as well.  Last night might have been the BEST ive ever known it.  But ive said that before!


    Oh, again, again :(

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