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Will (the P)'s Quiz ANSWERS
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wisperit is fallen asleep and left his passwords on the desk now i can do ANYTHING!!!!!

    Here is the QUIZ

    EDIT: the answers are now posted here, too, about 15 posts down.

    Me and Alison (the pingwin pengwen pengwin P) went on ours holidays when wisperit was in bed all moaning and taking meds and all that you no so we got the $$$$££££ and went to places with GOLDFRAPP conexions you no and took some pix and here they are and you have to FIRST tell me the place and SECOND tell me what the connexion is yeah? Sum of you is not very clever is it? and so here is CLUES

    1. is a place connected to a albuym and photoshooot
    2. is a connection with a album and if you dont no is, you need HELP
    3. is a track and a song and a vid
    4. is a track
    5. is a lyric off a song
    6, is a lyric off a song too, but harder than 6
    7. is a  connected to a PERSON
    8. is a track hahaha that word is a clue too
    9. is a PERSON connexion also
    10. is very hard. its an inspiration for a track, sort of.

    So do it and sned your answers to me and i will have a massive HADDOCK for the winner and i will lick you all over and it will be ponygurl probably and if it is not i will have a massive HADDOCK for ponyfgurl anyway and maybe OTHER PEOPLE TOO yeah.


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  • Sum of you is not very clever is it?

    I didn´t know that Will (the P) was such an arrogant little F****. Ha ! This quiz is way too EASY!! Here are my correct answers in white characters:

    1.    This clearly is some sort of Heath. If Will and Alison (the P´s) Goggle “heath+goldfrapp” they find all kinds of connections to Hampstead Heath, and also to the photo shoot for Seventh tree. Easy, this one.
    2.    According to Will and Alison (the P´s), this picture is a connection to an album. So you might say that on the picture you see Alisons’ (the P’s) Head First. But one might also say that Will and Alison (the P´s) found a nice and quiet place to tell each other Tales of us. But come to think of it, the barren landscape provides a Supernatural environment, in which you cannot see the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and Seventh tree, which should carry Black Cherries, so you might have Felt that these mountains are somewhat barren. Really Will, (the P), to this one multiple answers can be correct. Honeslty man, be a bit more exact next time, will ya??!!!
    3.    This seems to me like the area in which Goldfrapp filmed theit happy hopping Happiness vid. Could be anywhere in Europe or the states though...
    4.    After a period of nearly 400 years during which it was believed no such map existed, a copy of a special map by Abraham Ortelius has found its way to Antwerp. Will and Alison (the P´s)  are standing on a map of.... Utopia. See: kunstpedia.com/PDFArticles/Utopia%20by%20Abraham%20Ortelius.pdf. A bit of Goggeling does the trick for this one.
    5.    Will and Alison (the P´s) are walking down Mercer street in NY. So track = Road to somewhere.
    6.    Will and Alison (the P´s) are obviously in Ontario for their holiday. They are visiting the Streit armored car factory, because there is an army waiting to conquer the sundown, armed with the kisses and money in their hands. So track = Sartorius.
    7.    According to the clues this pic is connected to a PERSON. I hate that, because I don´t know anyone. This is why I have time to participate in quizzes like this. So I say Seb Sternberg because he is the best drummer ever and a pleasure to look at during Goldfrapp gigs.
    8.    Will and Alison (the P´s) are heading for a holiday destination while Whisperit is ill in bed. They are at London Liverpool railway station or somewhere similar. So connecting track = Train.
    9.    Dammit, another person connection. I say Archway because at the picture I see some sort of building and Archway has something to do with architecture & I haven´t heard from him on this forum too long now.
    10.    The 2009 pic Nowhere Boy is –among other things- about the creation of John Lennon's first band, The Quarrymen. Obviously Will and Alison (the P´s) are in a quarry. So the linking track would be: Nowhere boy (soundtrack extract).

    So  that´s that for my Christmas visit to my family-in-law... ;-)

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  • ^My apologies for Will (the penguin)'s erm artistic temperament.

    You've done well, Jernimoo. You might like to reflect on your own words to number 2 and "be more exact". That's not just any mountain, you know. As for the PERSON connections - who are the two people who are most connected to Goldfrapp?

  • I would love to take the quiz..but I have a massive HADDOCK right now. It's throbbing...somebody call a Dr.!
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Darling lascivious penguin, this one seems even harder than the one before... the quiz, I mean. For the moment i am clueless, quite literally, as I'm on my phone and the clues won't highlight. But judging from the travel photos you guys had a helluva good time!
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Jeebus!!! See attempts below in invisible ink...

    1) Looks like a photo of a lake
    Alison posted some time last year while she was working on TOU

    2) Felt Mountain

    3) Happiness

    4) It all looks like Urasia to me…Utopia??

    5) Looks like NYC and the only
    possible NY reference in ANY Goldfrapp song is “Walking
    down the Mercer St”
    …Road to Somewhere?

    6) Wow I haven’t an effing clue! I
    got as far as Steit Armored cars somewhere in Charleston  and now my brain hurts. Thanks.

    7) Anna Fox?? (Stab in the dark)

    8) Some kind of train station so I’d
    say Train or rather…Eat Yourself “You went south on the train”

    9)Haven’t a clue &@%^#^ It looks
    like a school perhaps or some kind of connexion???  A skyway between two buildings?! I give up

    A>>>>>>>> salne?
    t mi? Here

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Here are my answers:

    1) Yes, but only on the third Tuesday of the month.
    2) No, except (obviously) in a leap year.
    3) Maybe, although not tonight.
    4) Whatever.
    5) None of the above.
    6) Platypus candles on the mainline going south.
    7) Most certainly although, on second thoughts, certainly not.
    8) One up, two down.
    9) Is doing fine.
    10) Bong!
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  • Thanks for that, Pet.

    There's a special place for you in my punishment book heart.
  • whisperit said:

    Thanks for that, Pet.

    There's a special place for you in my punishment book heart.

    A pleasure.

    I assume that all of my answers are correct.
  • whisperit said:

     who are the two people who are most connected to Goldfrapp?

    God, I've been looking for days now. Seen all Gregory Steets, Gergory Drives, Gergory Avenues, Gregory Closes and Gregory Houses of the world now using StreetView but I have not recognized any of the photos from the quiz... :(
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  • Awww, Jeronimooo. Try biography rather than geography....

    Alison (the p) is embroidering a little penguin heart for you as I type.
  • Done that too. Enfield, Alton, Bristol, York, all don't seem to do the trick... I will cherish the embroidered heart, though! ;)
  • I'll put the answers up in a day or two anyhow.
  • Dammit, these are tricky as hell - even with the clues!

    But we should give Will-penguin and Alison-penguin credit for devising something that's managed to confound even those who breathe pure Goldfrapp. Well, I assume no-one's got them all right!? Certainly not myself. I've plonked down my half-baked ideas below...

    1 Were some 7th Tree shots done here? (wherever it is)
    2 Matterhorn? -> Felt mountain (back cover)
    3 Happiness video shot here (London)?
    4 Some island... doesn't ring any bells I'm afraid!
    5 Mercer street? -> Road to somewhere
    6 Streit armoured cars -> Pilots
    7 Alison's always said to have the (h)edge?
    8 Is it a particular station? Or just... signifying Train?
    9 A "jet bridge" i believe. Will  Gregory... likes wearing jet jewellery and playing bridge.
    10 Is it a cocaine cave? Lots of wide white lines -> Deep honey?

  • You've certainly done your best, Mr Halloween_Jack!
  • Here's the answers:

    1. A heath in the New Forest, where the photoshoot for the cover of Seventh Tree was done.

    2. Is the summit ridge of the Matterhorn, the peak on the cover of Felt Mountain.

    3. Addington Square, Camberwell, London - the locationof the "Happiness" video

    4. A map drawn by Ortelius in c1595 to illustrate Thomas More's book "Utopia"

    5. Mercer Street, New York, as featured in "Road to Somewhere"

    6. HQ of the Streit Group, manufacurers of armoured cars. (pink ones available to order) -  "Pilots"

    7. Alton Convent School, Hampshire - where Alison (the G) went to school

    8. Grand Central Station, New York - the largest Train station in the world

    9. The Music Department at the University of York, where Will (the G) studied for his degree

    10. It's a salt mine. "The Price of Salt" was the original title of Patricia Highsmith's novel, "Carol",  the book which inspired "Stranger"

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