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'Tales of us' film & Q&A - 18 Jan 2014
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  • They should put the DVD on pre order as they did with the deluxe box set and get some money for Alvar, Clay and Thea filmes. It would be great a DVD Vol. I with the first five tales and the live recording they did in Manchester...
  • As LuisMariano says, the 'Slapped' show was performed at a Bristol hall (I was there) with full orchestra. I seem to remember it was also done once or twice at a London venue? I'd forgotten about the broadcast.. was there commentary over it? I recorded the original myself (audio only)... should have the file somewhere.

    I found the audio in my archive, back then I put on the movie on mute and synched the audio of the broadcast and that's how I knew it first, the commenting, given I was actually watching the movie, was annoying but since I wasn't able to be there phisically I was very thankful I got the audio! I got it from .free.fr so we have lovely Dave to thank: 

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1ydjb8s7lbd5l8/Will Gregory - He Who Gets Slapped - Radio 3 01-02-2008.mp3 

    By the way @HalloweenJack THANK YOU! For the Q&A audio. Lovely detail of you.

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