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FAQ (a bit out-of-date now)
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    1. How do I register?

    Following spam applications that nearly brought down the Goldfrapp server, registration is now "by invite" only.

    If you know an existing member: provide them with your e-mail address and ask them to "invite" you. They do this via the 'My invitations' button/link on their profile page.

    If you don't personally know any members: find a member who has a publicly-visible e-mail address... e-mail them and ask them to "invite" you. Tip: one or more of the administrators has made their e-mail address visible.

    Note: User-names cannot contain spaces. Instead, you can use an underscore.

    2. How do I add a picture to my post?

    You cannot upload a picture from your PC to the forum, but you can display a picture uploaded elsewhere... directly in your post.

    a) Go to the webpage that has the picture and copy the picture's web address (ie URL)
    b) On this forum, start a new post (or edit an existing one)
    c) Place the cursor at the position in the post where you want the picture to appear
    d) On the toolbar above the post-edit box, click on the "Insert Image" button (as shown below)
    e) In the dialog box that pops up, paste in the picture's URL
    f) Click the 'Submit' button

    3. How do I add a link to my post?

    a) Go to the webpage that you want to link-to and copy its address (ie URL)
    b) On this forum, start a new post (or edit an existing one)
    c) Enter the text you want to act as the link
    d) Highlight the text
    e) On the toolbar above the post-edit box, click on the "Insert Hyperlink" button
    f) In the dialog box that pops up, paste in the webpage's URL
    g) Click the 'Submit' button

    4. How do I add a video to my post?

    If you add the URL for a YouTube video to your post, it will automatically "embed" a player, and the clip can be played directly on the forum.

    If you just want a link to the clip, follow the instructions above for adding a link.

    5. How do I delete my post or thread?

    You cannot directly delete a post you have made. Instead, delete the text it comprises, or edit it to say "DELETE ME". When a moderator spots such a post, they will delete it fully.

    Similarly, if you really want to delete a thread you've started, change the title to "DELETE ME" and a moderator will delete it, if appropriate.

    6. How do I send another member a message?

    Firstly, there is one method that is not recommended. Near the top of the member's profile page, there is a text-box, with an 'Add comment' button below it. This does create a "wall message" for them, but there are 3 issues to be aware of:
    a) the message will be visible to everyone
    b) the member should be notified that they have a new wall message, but a bug means that they never are
    c) the message appears under the member's 'Activity' tab, but it quickly gets buried under other events

    Sending a more traditional Private Message (PM) can be done by either of these methods:
    a) go to your Inbox and click on 'Start a conversation'
    b) go to the member's profile page and, on the menu/list on the left, select 'Send xxx a message'

    7. Why isn't my post-count incrementing?

    There is a bug with 'Vanilla' (or at least this forum's implementation of it) which means that - for some users - their stated post-count lags behind the actual figure (and sporadically catches up). This seems to be mostly an issue when using older versions of the 'Chrome' browser.

    8. Why can't I create or edit a post?

    It seems that, with Internet Explorer version 11 (which comes with Windows 8.1) - posts cannot be created or edited... except in the 'Show Source' mode. When not in that mode, you can enter text but it will not be saved.

    9. Why does my virtual keyboard vanish (on a tablet or smartphone)?

    It seems that, with 'Chrome for Android' (ver 30 tested) and 'Firefox for Android' (ver 26 tested)... when you try to create or edit a post... the virtual keyboard appears momentarily and then disappears... so you cannot enter/edit any text. A workaround is to go into 'Show Source' mode, tap somewhere in the text-entry box to get the virtual keyboard tp appear... and then go back to standard edit mode.

    10. Who administrates the Forum?

    There are 2 administrators employed by Goldfrapp (+ management) who have the final say in what goes on here:

    There are also 2 admins/moderators who are regular users of the forum:

    11. Can I change my user-name?

    You cannot change it yourself, but if you send a private message to @Halloween_Jack asking nicely, you'll likely get it updated.

    12. What happened to the old Goldfrapp Message Board (GMB)?

    EDIT: As of July 2014, the old board seems to have been removed. What a shame...

    It's still alive! It originally came into being way back in 2003. In June 2013, the Goldfrapp management team decided that a new forum based around 'Vanilla' would be more suitable than the 'vBulletin'-based GMB.

    People who joined before June 2013 can still post on it (for now), but new registrations are no longer possible. The GMB contains a huge amount of Goldfrapp-related info and links, and is certainly worth a look. Be aware: it also contains a wealth of trivia, nonsense and, frankly... smut. ;-)

    Here is the link: Ye olde Goldfrapp Message Board
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