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  • Hello I am new to the world of ereaders, I have something called a nook, it is very basic and nothing flashy. I am a bit dismayed at the high price of a lot of literature, especially when hard copies are available a lot cheaper. A lot of the freebies on the nook site are full of typos etc, mind you I found some great books about the Soviet Space Programme ;)

    I have been recommended the Gutenberg Project and have already got a few titles from there

    I would be interested to hear of any free ebook recommendations or reasonably priced ones (compatible with nook, kindle is no good for me)

    also interesting publications that can be viewed in an ereader, my tastes are broad so please fire away ;)

    thanks in advance
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  • i dont have an e-reader, i really like a book. much how i like a CD or vinyl. 
  • Old style for me. If i am reading it must be a Book/paper/mag.
  • Thanks for that folks, I'll be the first to say I prefer vinyl above all music formats, I do like books more than digital format too, but it's not like you can carry your whole vinyl and book collections around. One thing I will say is that I am not a fan of reading a lot of text from a computer screen and this is nothing like it, I've never seen such white pages in my life ;)

    I forget who it was, but some author was calling for free digital copies with paper books, and I am all for that, so long as it is not tied exclusively to kindle, it sucks that Kindle only accepts amazon purchases.
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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • my reading is getting better but i can't read when there's alot of words together e.g a book page... :(
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  • In the US, you can often find the entire Oz series for around a buck.
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