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Tales of Us - Film
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  • My flatmate has just been to the cinema and they played a trailer for Goldfrapp performing live....... But she cant remember the details!!!!! She went to Showcase Cinema in manchester when she saw the trailer...... The ad apparently said that Goldfrapp will be performing live there... This is obviously after or before the Tales Of Us 30 minute film is shown. Anybody know anymore?

    Has anybody actually heard facts about this..... This is all speculative!
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  • All the films were accidentally put online for half a day, so there's that. They've all been discussed in interviews too as well as the plans for release.
  • Has anybody actually heard facts about this..... This is all speculative!

    Well, Alison said in the interview with graham norton that the plan is for it to be in some cinemas after new year. In fact she's mentioned it in a few interviews now, and that there will be a live performance to accompany it. thems the facts from Alison's mouth. As for dates and which cinema(s), that's yet to be revealed.
  • I'm sure she said in one interview something about doing a one off show(remember her saying one off show fo' sure, can't definitely recall it was about this)
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  • What i am saying is...... There is an advert during the previews of films at Showcase cinemas
  • ^ yes, I saw you said that. Well it's getting nearer to new year so I guess it's reasonable for it to be advertised. Nothing on the website yet, but I keep checking.
  • Never having previously heard of Showcase Cinemas, I looked up their website.  The nearest one to me (by far) is on Jenkins Lane amid what is (or used to be) the industrial dereliction of the Barking Creek area.  The Showcase website directions for getting there assume that people will come by car.  Nothing about trains or buses.  Well, it's certainly a long way from the nearest station... buses into that dismal area may exist, but are entirely unknown to me.  There doesn't seem to be a single Showcase cinema with a London postcode.  No wonder I'd never heard of them.
  • Never fear! I am going to watch a film there tonight which is basically accross the road from where i live in Manchester! I will post my findings later! Hazzahhhhh!!!
  • Achoo! Ach!Oh dear, do excuse my cold!Cough! Snort!
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  • oh no i can't open the page, even the italian one
  • What about Monica Bellucci?
  • i've heard the rumor that she acted in Clay with Alison, not sure about that, maybe there's a 6th video, just saying
  • I doubt it, clay is about men for starters.

  • i was also wondering about the monica bellucci thing, since when the videos leaked i saw no mention of her whatsoever. i still haven't watched the rest of the videos, but i take it she's not in any of them?
  • She's not. But wasn't that just a rumour? I mean, neither Alison nor Monica didn't ever mention her appearance anywhere, so maybe that lingerie-lady just had poor eyesight?

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