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  • Alright, here's my start to my favourite.

    (Carpy and HJ let me know if it's already here, I did a look and couldn't see it)

    I love this. I love it. I think it's glorious and the very most perfect opening to the album. The strings are glorious.

    Also, I'm sorry to add... I've been seeing someone for a couple of months. Called Jo. And I'm about to go away travelling about for a bit. And she is staying here.. Because she is furiously independent and career driven. And I am WELL AWARE this track will have different meanings for everyone, but REALLY..... "Jo, I know you would say. Don't wait for me now" ..

    Really? REALLY?!

    Anyway. That freaky coincidence aside. I truly love it.
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  • Amazing opener! I wonder when they release film for this track. I found out, that Lenka Rayn H took photographs for Jo video. http://www.filmandtvpro.com/uk/credit.php?uid=1502875 I know it isn't important, but I want to post it.:)
  • All the album is amazing. But the first 3 tracks even more so. You are right to love it.
  • One of my favorite tracks.  Absolutely love the shimmering synths + strings which open the track and the sinister edge just below the surface throughout the song.  Really marvelous opening.  
  • My favourite track , the first track at Manchester , when the strings swept in like pirates boarding a ship on ropes onto my deck at around a minute in , everything I`d done to be there at that moment was worth it and more . The bass was far more prominent in the live version (but no bad thing) .
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  • They played Jo on 6 music this morning, hope we get to see the film soon!
  • okay.....i had to dig this up.........i am either completely convinced that it is an intentional homage to LOST HIGHWAY
    all the symbolism is there

    Pete's and Fred's cabin was in the desert....Alison's is in the English Countryside
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