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Supernature: Your Alternate Track Listing
  • We have one for all (?) of the others but this one... and as today is my "Supernature" listening day I figure I'd give it a whirl.

    Ok in my mind, Supernature is a 9-track album.

    1. Ooh La La (Phones Re-Edit would replace Album Version and I guess the Album Version could be used as the Single Version)
    2. Ride a White Horse
    3. Slide In
    4. All Night Operator (drop the Part 1)
    5. Satin Chic
    6. Let It Take You
    7. Time Out From the World
    8. Fly Me Away
    9. Beautiful

    Single 1: Ooh La La (b-side is Number 1)
    Single 2: Ride a White Horse (b-side is Lovely 2 C U)
    Single 3: Beautiful (b-side is Koko)
    Single 4: Fly Me Away (b-side is You Never Know)

    edit: I guess I forgot about Boys Will Be Boys, um I guess Satin Chic could still have that 7" picture disc
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  • ^ Thanks Joey. Glad someone else does this. Thought i was going mad. I'm amazed people can do tehe best to worst order thing so easily. but don't think about re ordering. This often makes you re consider the merits of a track!

    TBH Supernature is my least favourite Frapp album so play it the least. It seemed they had just taken the popular bits of Black Cherry and taken all the dark edge and quirkyness out of their sound. It didn't really cover anything that hadn't been done on last 2 albums. I suppose some people would call it their 'sell out' album. I think it is more mainstream than Head First. But hey, it's probably their main source in income and gave them room to make ST and TOU :-)

    So mine:

    Nearly same order but had to drop Lovely 2 C U (one of few Frapp tracks i don't like!!). This is my least favourite album production wise (yes even more than Head First!) so have included the múm re work (cheaky as it's only Alison's voice!)

    1 > Ooh La La   
    2 > Beautiful   
    3 > Ride a white horse
    4 > You never know
    5 > Let it take you   
    6 > Fly me away
    7 > Slide in
    8 > Koko
    9 > Satin Chic
    10 > Time out from the world
    11 > Number 1 (Múm Remix)
    12 > All Night Operator (part 1)

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