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  • I know I'm not the only one here that likes a bit of a sound track so I thought you might be interested in the film music season the bbc are starting.

    There's a three part documentary on BBC4 starting next Thursday on film music, should be quite good, I listen to the guy doing it (Neil brand) on radio 4. He seems to know his stuff.
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  • Yes I saw that advertised and it looks very good. I have a liking for Bernard Hermann's film music especially the stuff he did for Hitchcock. That's if he's featured!
  • Oooh, thanks for this. I'll definitely be watching.
    I hope that you die in a decent pair of shoes
    You got a lot more walking to do where you're going to.
  • Hells_Bells,

    Bernard Hermann's Prelude and Rooftop from Vertigo is one of my all time favorite pieces of cinema soundtrack ever! Nice to see some love for his work here.

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  • ^
    From the madness of Psycho to the beautiful arrangements on Vertigo he was ahead of his time.
    I also have a lot of respect for more modern composers such as Thomas Newman and of course Hans Zimmer.
  • As do I but seriously Bernard Herman was such a genius. I like all his stuff but that particular piece is spectacular and still makes the hairs on my arms and back of neck stand up...my eyes roll back in my head...I start drooling...

    just kidding (kind of)

  • I got a little peeved when Lady Gaga used it to open her Born This Way video (I do like me some Gaga but I'm hesitant to put myself in the category of Little Monsters, some of them are really embarrassing) but then I realized most of them wouldn't know what the piece was and probably couldn't be bothered to find out. I'm strangely possessive of B. Hermann (which is not my normal style, I usually want everyone to be exposed to great music)...

    Sorry...rant! :-/

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  • Of the modern composers Alexandre Desplat and Carter Burwell consistently please me (mad respect for Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer as well).


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