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  • okay...i searched and searched for a thread on the new NIN album and couldn't find.....moderators please move if appropriate

    wait....Trent Reznor is still alive? kidding
    Directed by David Lynch..... the epilepsy disclaimer LOL ....  of course the video by Lynch is cool...but i just had a seizure......so who knows...

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  • Ah Trent...

    My first celeb crush(es) happened simultaneously. Mad, youthful fantasies about Trent and Kurt. I got a lot of shit at the time as apparently I wasn't "aloud" to be a NIN and Nirvana fan. :-/

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  • Absolutely excellent to get a Trent & NIN thread.

    Favourite things of his/theirs for me are the Fixed EP and the released & unreleased mixes by Coil.

    Pretty much everything is at least good and at best amazing.
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • I liked Pretty Hate Machine.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • PHM = senior year of high school for me. Introduced to me by a straight boy I was crushing hard on. While the devil wants to f--k me in the back of his car. Yeah, still a fan.
  • Michael Whitaker brought Pretty Hate Machine to class in 5th grade...1990 I think. We traded...I either gave him Depeche Mode's Violator or Michael Jackson's Bad. I fell in love instantly.

    I can't tell you how deliciously excited I was when I found out Trent was singing back up vocals on Tori Amos' Past The Mission from Under The Pink. Two of my 3 favorite artists together! It was a great day! Actually the only other time I have been that excited as far as music goes was when I found out Antony Hagarty was dueting with Bjork in 2007.

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  • Still think Downward Spiral was his best but I've liked or loved everything he's done.


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