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Your own TOU Cover Art
  • I found these and other brilliant pictures by artist Miguel Vallina and just had to create this:


    Hope he can forgive me.
    EDIT: Oh no just saw them on another laptop display. looking horrible. :D what's the matter with all these different display settings anyway...
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    Be patient.
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  • Nice, i've posted a few already in the Gallery thread but here they are again

  • rewak said:

     i've posted a few...

    I really like the second one.  Something about it is just so ethereal.
  • Rewak,I love your Stranger and Clay cover and all from HollyOwl,really great idea.

    It's a good choice to put a Lion in a military suit for Clay.

    To put my two cents in,I think you should use the deer one also from Miquel Vallinas website but I have a feeling that maye,just maybe you decided it would be too obvious with Goldfrapp.

    It looks like Tales Of Us era will be exceptionally inspiring.

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  • @HolyOwl: lovely.. my fav is lion Clay..

    @rewak: they're all gorgeous! Fav is stranger but jo is really special, too.. something tender about Clay..

  • Thanks! Yes, just had to be the uniformed lion for Clay.
    Be patient.
  • I like both batches and the first one has helped me find myself in the avatar area.:)
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''

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