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  • As a Goldfrapp only fan (& little bit of Garbage/Shirley Manson on the side) i would like to know what other music you FRAPPERS would recommend to me ? :)  thanks jozzy 

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  • Well after Frapp my taste in music varies so pick from any of these= Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Paloma Faith, Queen, David Bowie, Stone Roses, Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, Nirvana and Kate Bush. There you go. All my faves from the past up to now.
  • It depends what you like really. Given the Goldfrapp and Garbage I would say you will prefer sticking with female artists for now, I can't recommend Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees) enough, though may not be your cup of tea at all.  Kate Bush and Bjork are a good call for someone who likes Goldfrapp. Try out some artists like Tricky and Orbital for some early appearances of Alison as well as expanding your musical horizons a bit.
    I've got very varied music tastes and everyone's are different but this might be a good starting point, also check the what are you listening to thread, I've discovered a few things I ended up liking from other users recommendations, cheers.

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  • Plenty in other bands we like thread or the currently listening to thread .
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  • I'm not much into bands, because I'm very picky (Goldfrapp and Sade are about the only two that I can listen to anything they make), so here are some bands and specific songs that I adore.

    Chrome, "Newex"

    Bent, "Swollen"

    Slow train soul, "In the black of night"

    XX Mandalay, "You're beautiful"

    X Gelka, "Hidding place"

    Thievery Corporation, "The Mirror Conspiracy"

    Ballistic Brothers, "Uschi's groove"

    Morcheeba, "Let me see"

    X Mantra, "Rain"

    Afterlife, "Breather 2000"

    FC, "Hayling"

    Deep and Wide, "Easy Rider"

    Joke Society (Jo Manji), "Morphing Morning"

    Mic Max, "Bailanduna"

    Bliss, "Remember my name"

    Kirsty Hawkshaw, "Just be"

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  • Definitely Bjork, especially her albums Vespertine and Homogenic (my fav). Had the incredible honour of meeting Bjork this summer, and she really is as warm, compassionate and beautiful as her music (had to be frisked to get backstage but it was worth it). It just blows me away. She is one of the few true artists left.

    Also would recommend the Stevie Nicks albums "The Other Side Of The Mirror" and "Trouble In Shangri-La". 

    Another one is "Surfacing" by Sarah Mclachlan. 

    And if you wanna get down a bit try "III" by Crystal Castles.

    oh, and Garbage "Not Your Kind of People."
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  • I take the needle off the Technics and put it in my vein
  • ^
    Interesting, I love it Peaches very high similarity, I am not sure I would agree though. I love Peaches  and would say go for her, but she ain't  for the fainthearted who just want to hear nice things being said, if you like lyrics which offer a challenge then Peaches is the one for sure.
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  • Hmm I know what you mean. I have been trying the last few days to find something that sounds like Goldfrapp but I also read on another part of the internet it just cannot be done, and I'm starting to believe it. Hard to accept I know, considering all the music thats out there. I will give you some suggestions though so you can skip through and see if there's anything you like.

    iamamiwhoami - I adore them probably as much as Goldfrapp and I think in terms of the production, which is as detailed and satisfying as the best Goldfrapp songs, it's quite similar. I would also compare it to Felt mountain for simply being the best kind of weird and not alienating at all. Jonna Lee's voice can also be so ethreral and dreamy and uses a lot of filters. Try O

    Saint Saviour - Similar high vocal range and her electronic songs are quite Goldfrappy. This Ain't No Hymn

    Canidas - Quite Felt Mountain-y/ Trip - hop /Ethereal vocal. Embrace

    Elsaine - This Album is quit Felt Mountainish, has a lot of strings and similar drumbeats. Across The Stream

    Bjork - Self explanatory. Unison

    Roisin Murphy - Electronic artist with similar sound. Overpowered

    Air - Similar type of sound production and genre (minus the vocals as they are generally male or guest singers) Particularily 'Talkie Walkie' album. Another Day

    Pale 3 - The princess and the warrior soundtrack is where alison sung 'Bodo' a few of the other tracks are jut as good and cinematic. Fly with Me

    Other Electronic artists:
    Grimes, The Knife, Mason, Metric

    Seventh Tree type sound check out :
    Lady Sunshine or Angus & Julia Stone, Saint Saviour (Again).

    Trip Hop:
    Portishead, Tricky
  • At the moment, and knowing this place, I'm going to say Moon Wiring Club.

    Imagine if Chris Morris produced albums somewhere between early Art Of Noise and Boards of Canada but themed around strange 60's and 70's tv series, cake, cats & ghosts.
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  • Cool!  I figured out how to put only the youtube link w/o the whole instantiation, so I went back and put all of the links.
  • http://www.rdio.com

    I downloaded the app on the iPhone which is currently free to subscribe to (it's also a website - see above).  I expect that the lack of fee will be short lived though.  Useful for anyone like me who never got around to signing up to Spotify.
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  • Cannot go wrong with a bit of Queen. Everybody likes at least a few of their tracks.

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