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  • I wasn't sure where to put this comment so I made a thread... Some radio station in America tweeted they'd just played Alvar, here's the tweet...

    @GrantOwensMusic: You just heard a brand new track by @goldfrapp titled Alvar from their forthcoming album Tales Of Us on @KX935 FM #Goldfrapp

    Wrong title? Or leak? Or other tracks starting to be played any thoughts? Any of you American deers know this station?
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  • http://www.kx935.com/podcast/wefoundnewmusic

    The shows get put out as podcasts so if you're really interested keep an eye on that page and it'll show up eventually. It's a non-profit non-commercial station, it wouldn't be the first time one of them has played leaked material. Heck i remember a few years ago a similar station was actually the source of a full album leak.

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