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Is there really a radio edit of Drew?
  • Keep reading references to a drastically cut "radio edit" of 'Drew' on here.  Gosh, I wish Alison and Will had a bit more of a backbone on these horrible edits of their work.  I know that's very easy for me to say from my perch in Goldfrapp fandom.  I suppose terrestrial radio -- with the exception of indie music powerhouses like KCRW in LA -- has nearly zero impact on, well, good music these days in the US.  In the US being an NPR album of the week or being featured on Pitchfork is going to do more for them than a poorly stitched together edit of their single airing, on, say, KIIS FM. 

    I'm gathering that's not the case in the UK and that terrestrial radio still impacts sales for non-crap artists?  Still, do they honestly expect a song like "Drew" to become a big radio hit?  That seems a bit far-fetched, so why not maintain the integrity of the original composition and of your artistry and leave it be?  I suppose I could understand these radio edits on their dancier material, but it seems like a waste of time on an album like Tales of Us. 
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  •  In the US being an NPR album of the week

    Interesting.  I've been dying to suggest that for quite awhile.....

  • dancier material

    I understod there ass still one song unheard, as of yet, that is supposedly be a little more up-tempo.  Right?  I was supposing that was the tune that was expected to hit the airwaves.
  • The interesting thing, HorseTearz, is that some of the UK stations (ie the ever wonderful BBC 6 Music) have actually been playing the full version of Drew, even though the Radio Edit does indeed exist.

    Which one gets played, if at all, seems to be a factor of time, station and DJ.
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  • It's always amazed me how open the UK has been to music that would simply never receive airplay in the US, barring college radio and, on some occasions, NPR.
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  • I've only ever heard the full version of Drew played, and that was here on an Ottawa Radio station that it was played (which freaked me out, Goldfrapp is NEVER played on the radio, not even Strict Machine or Ooh La La).

    Perhaps they just made a shorter cut for the radio stations to choose which version they'd be able to slot into their airtime, to guarantee more widespread airplay? Not every radio station has the airtime to play a 5 minute track so this might have guaranteed a few more stations will play it, if the track is shorter. 
  • Same here (as in only hearing the full version played), i wasn't about to pay the high prices for a promo just to hear an edit, not after the high price i've already paid for the deluxe edition.
  • I think those stations who would want to play Goldfrapp, and Drew specifically, are the same sort of station that would happily play the full version and those who aren't are probably more likely to not play it at all. I can understand the edit being done but with the way of radio these days it does seem between a rock & a hard place in terms of finding a home.
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