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Paper Memories
  • Didn`t know really what to call this thread . Its for collections of the tickets/stubs etc from gigs we`ve been to across the years . I`m sure I`m not the only one who hoards them away , these are all I could find .

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  • Wow!  That's impressive, Sartori.  I see Faithless there in the middle somewhere....  I didn't keep all of tickets but the ones I can recall....

    First concert: Bloodrock, Lafayete, LA
    Second concert: Blookdrock, Houston, Tx (so, disappointed to see how choreographed it all was!)

    Sade,  EC (four times over the years - just saw him, latest tour, not counting Cream), Cream, The Who, ZZ Top (in a little bar in Lafayette, they used to play there all the time), Led Zeppelin, (Stairway to Heaven) Acoustic Alchemy, Otmar Liebert (these two vere a very interesting concert - very California), Shawn Philips, Steve Miller Band, Rod Stewart, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd (Animals), Golden Earring (All I can eremember is that they were not the lead band and, yet, they were one of the best guitar bands I've ever seen.  Anyone remember "Radar Love", awesome!  Can't even remember who the lead band was!!), Allan Toussaint, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Green, Mick Taylor ...ummmm, and that's about all that comes to mind....shoulda kept the tickets.  All hallucinations, definitely, excluded from this list.
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  • I've got a whole box full of them going back years - might delve into them at the weekend and see what I can find!

    Ta for the idea :)
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  • Can I share my sales receipts in this thread?
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  • Nice idea.  I keep all my tickets too BUT they are strewn all over the house in various boxes.  This has made me realise how much crap I have, everywhere.  Oh to have time to go through it all.