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Fine, if you all want me outta here, I'm out.
  • If you wanna call me


    that's fine. I'm sure you think I deserve it.

    If you want to continue making fun of me and laugh at me, that's fine too.

    Sartori, you've succeeded in turning everyone on this forum against me. I guess you got what you wanted. Obviously, you had a great backing from your friends, and your immaturity wasn't as big an eyesore as mine was.

    It's also obvious that my posts (Tales of Us or not) as well as my presence annoy most of you. So I'll do you a huge favor.

    Like they say: Arguing on the Internet is like running at the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded.

    P.S. You're very welcome to leave any sarcastic remarks and jokes in this thread.
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  • Nobody should be bullied off forum and if I'm honest I do think people are being harsh to you.
    The only thing that would put people's backs up is over talk of album.
  • I don't want you outta here.

    But I do find it amusing/odd how different your presence is on here, compared to on the old GMB!?

  • Don't want you to leave either. It's just the talk about the leaked album in several topics that bothered me. But things like that can be solved, right?
  • Don't leave, why should you? I think some people have forgotten the hard work your've done with the jukebox etc. I've always found this place friendly and open but I do agree some people's comments can come across as cutting and if your of a sensitive nature it can hurt. I've taken tut over things on here before but that's just me, over sensitive woman!
    I had a stranger call me a twat on some shite forum about the bloody Royal baby (Facebook) and it hurt me for a start as I though everyone is allowed an opinion. I did give back a nasty comment and that shut the bitch up for good!
    Maybe it is the talk about the new album but your not the only one doing (no names mentioned!!)
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  • Where else can you learn the beauty of Marco Island homes?
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  • The majority of people don't want you gone. I think it may be the leak talk that's pushing some people over the edge.
    Though I really don't see why they've gone as far as they have tbh.
    Just dial it back a bit, like on the old forum, and I don't see why your posts should still provoke negative reactions. If people are still giving you a hard time then, well... They can just get out.
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  • Where else can I take the piss out of people and have it taken out of me?
    It'll be fine Alan. Deep breathes and bang your back in there ;)

  • folklore said:

    Where else can you learn the beauty of Marco Island homes?

    Really? Had I missed one? Oops! Off to chomp....
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Ugh.... no one asked you to leave.....

    And Sartori has not turned everyone against you....

  • Besides, if you left, how would I ever achieve a Grand Slam Alan Bingo?
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I'm a new member here, but was an occasional poster on the old board.

    Alan, i don't want you to go, you've got just as much right to be here as anybody else - and you're a long standing fan of the band too.
  • It wouldn't be the same without you, Alan. I had a great time on the covers thread comparing music and us both linking our appreciation for the incredible Lana Del Rey.  ^:)^

    You are a true fan, just look at the masterpiece that was the Goldfrapp Jukebox?!? If anyone deserves to be here it's you indeed! You're a true 'Frapper and Alison would be proud!

    Sometimes people don't get along, and in anticipation I haven't witnessed since the Seventh Tree era, people are more excited than ever it seems. This happens! Our love for the music and band sometimes drives us batty, but remember why we're here! We love Goldfrapp and the beautiful music they create, and we are the only proper link between fellow fans of the band all in one place! 

    Now everybody freakin' hug already. 
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  • It may surpise you Alan but I don`t want you to leave - (ignoring you rewriting history and making out you`re the 99% innocent party and the irony of a massive attention seeking post saying `bye bye` but anyway) - 

    - all I ever asked (and still asking) is that you reflect on your approach to the board , on your multi thread posting - how a newcomer/old hand/band member would see it , are your postings saying something that actually has a point  (we ALL make little posts with no real point from time to time , but I think its fair to say you do make quite a lot of them). Posts like that jar the subject , jar the threads , jar the topics and board , its akin to someone interrupting a conversation . I`m not going to dissect any further , its just not British .

     I also appreciate there are times when you might want a chat with someone , but it doesn`t make interesting reading to hardly anyone at all to.see this page after page , on multiple threads  - I can only suggest you reflect how others would view this , the alternative answer is using the PM system 

     People rarely actually read what people have said - I`m sure there`s a perception I`ve hounded you , which is untrue , I haven`t been rude to you (no swearing or name calling at you) , I have satirised you and mocked you , we`ve bantered back and forth but we`ve never argued . In short terms its not what you do , its the amount you do it , the length of it (one for the double entendre thread there) .

     I`ve never told you what to do - its up to you to reflect or not , its not the Alan or even Sartori forum . You do what you want to do and I`ll do what I do (be a twat and pace back and forth thinking of funny turns of phrase) .. 

     I`m not apologizing for a single thing I`ve said (although I did regret making `Alan Bingo Club` public - its a secret club ffs Rob) , I think you`ve deserved it ,as I deserved the banter back :) . But , tomorrow is another day and every day starts anew .
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    "Read my posts and see why we`re not allowed nice things anymore"
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    "Brought to you straight from the People`s Republic of There`s Something Wrong With You . The Hoi Polloi Capital of the World"
  • Sartori said:

    and every day starts anew .

    I read that as ending "a stew" first pass across it. That really confused me.
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Sartori said:

    and every day starts anew .

    I read that as ending "a stew" first pass across it. That really confused me.


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