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  • Having read Alison's comment about hay fever, I thought I'd share a little bit of advice and hope it helps her, and other fellow sufferers. I don't often get HF, but this year I've got it quite bad and I've been using a medication called Phenergan (Promethazine Hydrochloride) which is basically a very strong antihistamine and is also used as an effective sedative .It's helping me sleep on these sticky nights and I've noticed a def improvement in the HF since taking them (and heat rash is at bay at present - I get that at the first bit of sunshine!). Another thing worth a try is cider vinegar - I mix two tablespoonsful in a glass of water with a good teaspoon of honey - it certainly soothes a sore / tickly throat anyway.
    And a last word of advice! If you have a dog like mine, who loves to roll in certain plants in the garden (my stinky border terrier has a love of curry plant but at least it masks his breath! ), get him with the hosepipe before you let him into the house!! Hope this helps. xxx

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  • It's a weird thing and we were having a natter about it in the office at work a week ago.

    We all seem to have had it at some point but in totally different ways. Some from birth pretty much and still do but others, like me, have suddenly had it for a couple of summers really badly then never again. Mine were back in the 80's but others were recently.

    Just seems there are so many factors such as weather, type of pollen around, the disposition & locality of the person etc etc

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