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The Singles (Unreleased Vinyl Boxset)
  • Way back when The Singles set was released there was a multiple vinyl edition that was very briefly teased.

    I can't remember what website was advertising it, but I think it got pulled within 24hrs.

    There was an image of the edition released, and I think only one exits (I'm assuming as a concept image?) Mat Maitland worked on the artwork for the edition, and it has briefly sprung up on a few of his posts online over the years. I've tried reaching out to him regarding the edition, but I've never really heard anything back.

    So, my question to you fellow Frappers is, does anyone remember the listing that was put up and any details that were made available for the vinyl release? I'd just like to know if it was just the tracks taken from the Singles release and scattered on multiple vinyls or was there any other songs teased?

    Picture Below


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