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Digital music inserts
  • You know those inserts you used to get on albums?  All of those fun little things to go through when you bought an album?

    Those kinda went away with CDs or, at least, it was downgraded considerably.

    Now, in the digital age, what do you get.  The song and some damned photo that would have otherwise been the cover art on an album.  As you might realize by now, I like to provide an answer whenever I suggest an annoyance (you know, like mankind's insanity).  So, I have an answer.

    Ever since I got digital music, I realized I would change the artwork on the song.  It is laborious and annoying but it at least gives me something to look at besides the same old boring picture from one song to the next.  Hooray!  I can recognize which work it is.  Boring.

    So, what they need to do, is put individual artwork on each song.  Duh!  They could put all of the stuff they used to put in album sleeves or they could just put some nice, different photo (maybe with the name of the song?) on each song.  Anyways, I hope this gets to someone in the industry with a shred of brains and a position to try something new and get away with it.
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  • It is a shame how digital music (and films) are just so... sterile. Obviously, you get the song to listen to, which is the main thing. But you don't really get the rest of the experience compared to physical media. There are artists out there (Goldfrapp included) that create a whole experience of music and art. It's why I love Goldfrapp so much, because every album has had a distinctive style attached to it yet still remaining "Goldfrapp"

    Things are becoming more customizable. So for people out there (like yourself @Whickwithy) you are able to create a more personable listening experience. I guess it just depends on the person who listens to music. Do they just want to listen, or do they want more than that? Hopefully things become more customizable in the future.
  • The disappearance of sleeve material is just the most obvious downside to the mindless profit motive. I am desperately hoping that a few artists are going to get fed up enough to look for alternatives that actually work for the artists, as creative human beings.  As usual, I've got ideas popping out of my head too fast for me to follow them all.

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