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  • Book 6 is out now.  You should really take a "Look Inside".  I'm pretty sure you will want to read it through.  I finally have it in a form that may make sense to most people.  It's  not even a long book.  But, it says everything that needs to be said.

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  • Why did it take us more than three millennium to discover that mutual orgasm during unassisted coitus is not difficult at all?

    While everyone is running around trying to find some way to provide and receive mutual orgasm; coitus, the most natural way in which it can be done, continues to fail.

    Worse yet, in some whacky way, it seems distasteful to have unassisted coitus become a loving experience.  Instead, we make porn out of it.  How does that possibly make sense?

    Can you not see the animal peeping through all of this nonsense?

    That is what Book 6 is all about.

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  • If you would rather the more intellectual, high-minded, in-depth, detailed insightful version, try Millennium.  Book 6 is more of a summary.

    One advantage to Millennium is that it is available online just about anywhere, including Blackwell's and Waterstones.  Just search on whickwithy on their sites.

  •  Religion, laws, and witless understanding of our nature were only ever capable of reining in the animal.  They could never make us human.
  •  Here is the one that really wreaks havoc.  In some ways, one could say it wreaks the havoc as well as fixed it in place for three thousand years.

    All men have the same quandary.  If you take a look at the movies and all forms of fiction, they all suggest the same thing, if they get into the topic at all.  That there are a lot of men out there that are really, really good at coitus.  This is because that is the pervasive attitude, at least in the American culture.  I can't say, for sure, regarding other cultures since, while I was immersed in many, I was not immersed to that degree.  My suspicion is that some cultures have, at least, figured out that is bullshit, but I am far from sure.  Many cultures seem to be much more open to alternative ways in which to please a woman, which, as I've stated often, surely helps.  Still (and I have to repeat this dammit), why should humanity do without loving eye to eye?

    So, here he sits.  A man becomes convinced that a lot of men are good at sex and, yet, they are not.  Men have also been trained, through culture, to never, ever ask, "how do I get good at sex"?

    Do you get it?  Instead of opening up about their problem, men have hidden it away since it first dawned on them many millennia ago.  They, instead, prop up their egos the best they can in other ways, thus toxic masculinity.  Thus, a fucked up humanity filled with deceit, distractions, and disaster.

    The point is not that they would not have gotten an answer (any time soon - until NOW!), but that the question would have become open to discussion.  Men would not have become the distorted disaster that they represent.  The ludicrous propped up version of a male human.  No man in the world, until a catatonic one awoke slightly enough to the horrors that surround him, ever, ever, ever asked that question.  At least, not in the open.

    Keep in mind that "studies show" that 75% of men are lousy at coitus (i.e. lasting less than or equal to about three minutes, while women need more like fifteen). It is becoming more and more clear to the human race.  So, as a band of scholars, the question is finally, inadvertently, being asked.  Also, keep in mind that the reason "studies show" is in quotes is that it is still wrong.  It is probably closer to 99% for reasons I have described along the way.

    This is good.  I hope those scholars also have enough sense to realize, one day, that it does not need to remain that way.  I would expect it.  In my endless search of the web for info, I ran across some website that actually stated that the glands cause ejaculation (duh!).

    One more note on women needing more like ten to fifteen minutes.  Though it opens up a whole new can of worms, I am beginning to wonder.  I think some women can achieve orgasm in very short order. I'm not sure.  Maybe the most famous example is Janis orgasming on stage with no assistance.  

    What brought this to mind is I was just rereading a book by one of my favorite authors and she mentions a fictional woman that, the first time she has sex, does not orgasm but was pleased to see that her lover did.  Then, she thought something on the order of "next time".  The woman writing the book was well into life when it was written, so I think she found a way to short-circuit and find orgasm.  Since she spent the greatest part of her life without a man, maybe she found the way that it seems many (Emily?) have relied on.  Dunno.  Not sure.

    So, yeah, I am becoming more and more convinced we will get there sooner or later.  Desiderata.  

    I don't know if it's ego or urgency (e.g. The Doomsday Clock) that has me so anxious that I hope the discovery is now.  I don't think my ego is really very big.  Am I arrogant?  Am I confident in myself?  Oh, yeah.  But, mostly speaking, I don't give a fuck what the rest of the race thinks about me, except for a single exception (?weird sentence?).  I have goddamned good reason to be confident in myself.  

    Part of my endless process of convincing myself that I am right about this whole sexual disaster that we have endured is a cross-check on how often I am right about other things that are not immediately apparent to the human race.  I think I've gotten into that here and there, so I won't detail it here, except to say it is often and point out a couple of examples.  I'll stick with the medical ones of significance.  I had cancer twice.  The first time I went to a hack.  The second time, I rid myself of it myself - through study.  I have very little fear I will ever get cancer, again.  Also, I should have been dead long ago by heart attack.  I had palpitation to the point that it was surely on its way soon.  I skipped going to a hack (because America loves bleeding humans dry in so many ways, including health) and fixed it myself.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I do believe I will die of a heart attack someday.  I don't think I've been so good as to end aging.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to continue this life beyond the usual warranty, anyways.  Too much fucked up for too long. 

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  • Givers and takers

     Men take and women give and it all starts in bed.  Men learn only to take in bed.  By the very nature of the situation, women learn to give in bed.

    Of course, it's not all men, though one hundred years ago, it was nearly all.  All they knew was how to take.

    Could all men be trained to give in some form?  Maybe.  Women have been trying for about three thousand years.  It hasn't worked very well, so far.

    But, how much finer if they learn to give in the way nature prepared, gazing into each other's eyes?  It is easy to learn.  So, why haven't men learned?  Why do we continue to hide from it, like a friggin animal?

    The only reason they haven't learned to give in bed is because they are afraid to face the fact of failure and ego.  Traditions, and misperceptions get in the way of some accepting some alternative.  Even though they fail repeatedly throughout their lifetime, they never face the fact.

    Any man learning to perform loving coitus is beyond easy.  We have only been impeded by deceits and distortions embedded in history and tradition.

    I can't put it any plainer than that.  We have the wherewithal to be all givers, unlike any species of animal that came before us.

    I could go on and on but that summarizes pretty well the reason we have not become human.

    If you want more detail, there are five books.  I would suggest starting with Book 6.  A much more lengthy explanation is in Millennium.  The other, previous books were the discovery process.  There's a lot to be understood in those, also.

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  • Men
       A curious situation arises because it is not all men that succumb to the toxic tendency.  Some can maintain some semblance of their humanity.  That doesn't mean they are any better off than the awfully toxic men.  It only means that they tolerate the awful situation better than others.  They just accept the miserable situation.  That doesn't make them more human.  It just makes them more miserable.  This makes the simple-minded human (which is all of you, so far, I am sad to say) believe that it is not a gender-wide distortion.
    This confuses people.  If all men are not toxic, then it's not a gender issue.  Right.
        I know.  This isn't going to convince anyone.  Few will be able to make the link between emasculation and lousy, unloving coitus, even though it is as apparent as 400 point fonts.
    I guess I have to repeat it because prehumanity has the attention span of a gnat:  There is no reason for it.
        Let me give another example that no one seems to get.  I've littered the books with examples but considering prehumanity's thick-headedness and my limited time left on this planet, I think I should go further.  The evidence is right there before your eyes that no one interprets correctly.
        Why do you think that men act so blatantly crude about women?  Examples would be the guy that elbows his buddy saying, "Hey, look at that babe!  Boy, wouldn't I like to get her in bed."  Or, their long involved stories about how they bedded some woman.  Or, the whole act of seduction.  It is all to cover up the individual's realization that he sucks at coitus and making sure he lets every other man know that he is really a man.  Make no mistake there is only one current interpretation of being manly.  It is the weirdest situation ever.  All men running around trying to convince everybody else that they are good in bed while knowing they are not while convinced all the other men are.  It is unspoken because it never (or very, very, very seldom happens).   

    One that I've repeatedly mentioned throughout the books is the guy that stays with a woman just long enough to bed her ... and, then, runs.  What no one gets is that, in his bizarre distorted reality, he is thinking that something is wrong and all he needs to do is 'find the right woman' and it will work right.  That is how fucked up our very fictional existence is.  Women think there is something wrong with him.  They are right.  They are just wrong about what it is.
        For those of you that think he should be gay, just think on this.  If every man that was lousy at coitus would decide he was gay, there would be about five babies a year.
        Sigh, and I'll say it one more time.  There is no reason for the ongoing failure.
    Maybe, somehow, I'm not saying it clearly enough.
    There is a saying.  This is a man's world.  While true enough, it is also a man's nightmare.

    Sex as a weapon
    Sometimes I wonder about women.  I'm starting to think that some women are appalled by the idea of men being good at coitus.  It is like an instinct that they would be losing a very powerful weapon in their arsenal.  Of course, if so, they are missing the point.
    Then, there are the militant feminist that just utterly despise all men.  If you haven't noticed, there are more and more of those.  Rightly so under our current conditions.  
    They don't want men to become good people because, then, who would they despise?  Many would like to cut all of their balls off.  As if that would fix anything.  It would still be a miserable world.
    Or, a popular scifi idea is that men are no longer necessary or, at best, since they are already just animals, lock them away only to be used to make babies.  Same thing.  Nothing really improves.
    I guess I have to admit that women are - well, I guess I've said this before - becoming just as disturbed and animal-like as men.  That just fucking breaks my heart.
    Ahwhwh, but I've been through a lot of this before.  Everyone is stuck on their preconceived notions.  They cherish their warped animal concepts so much that they cling to them, even in the face of the possibility of humanity's sanity.
    That is, by the way, all of you.
    The problem is that none of them make matters better.  Men becoming good at coitus is the only thing that can.
    Now, do you see why I said in my post that I'm done.  I just keep saying the same thing.  With maybe a bit more clarity in high hopes that someone will break through.  But, still.  What the fuck?
        Every time I look at all of this, I say, "what else could there possibly be to write??!?!"  Then, I find something else.  I am so tired of it.  I feel like some people hate me because they so desperately want to cling to their hate and bring a reckoning for all that they have had to endure.
        I can't do anything about past pain.  I am just trying to eliminate the future pain.

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  • I just have to add, read the blog or read the book (not Book 6 for this stuff) I'm about to post if this shakes your brain just the slightest. I keep rewriting and I'm tired. I try to convey it perfectly but always fall short. I can't keep jumping back and forth between versions. This is not like writing fiction or any other form of nonfiction. It is scratching and clawing to get at the truth, every moment. It makes it even more difficult that there is no one at all with whom to discuss it. So, I do the best I can and, yes, it drives me a little crazy at times.
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  • I swear.  I quit now.  I give up .... yeah, so much for that!
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  • They say it's a man's world.  While that is true, it is also a man's nightmare.

    Humans are born to love.  That may seem surprising to you, since there is so little of it in this world.  

    Men are not yet equipped to fulfill that love.

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  • All I am really saying is that men can perform coitus well (finally).  They can pleasure a woman while gazing into her eyes.  I don't see how anyone could argue against that or should care to do so.  We are not just an animal.  We should quit acting like one.

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  • What really cracks me up is everyone so busy defending and justifying their own choice that no one is looking at the big picture.  Why am I not surprised.  I don't give a shit if you do it with a goat.  Who the fuck cares?  That is NOT what this is about!

    Actually, I am surprised, though.  No one can seem to get out in front of their own desperate desire to feel good about themselves to seriously consider  the big picture at all.  I admit I am not the best writer of prose but, still, FIVE BOOKS!  You'd think there'd be enough there!  I'm not saying it's easy, but it's important.

    Okay, I'll admit it. I can understand people defending their choice.  Especially those that have had to defend their choice against so many irrational arguments throughout their lifetimes.  Maybe it was easier for me to break through.  My choice was about as dismal as can be.  Still, it's not the point.  The point is that we are not yet human by any stretch of the imagination.
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  • I feel like I have been trying to browbeat folks on here and I have to apologize.  It's just that it has been an intense, mind-wracking, frustrating, trying dozen years in near-complete isolation to try to get through to humanity that there is something seriously wrong.

    I've known all along that my writing was not up to snuff.  But, anyone, if they had taken what I was saying into consideration, could have made it through.  In other words, I was looking for a little help from someone, anyone.  It was an unrealistic expectation as long as the explanation was not precision.  There are just too many embedded barriers to understanding.

    In retrospect, I am every glad that so few have bought Book 6.  I am taking one last shot at it and, as I edit, I know it will be crystal clear.  It struck me like lightning as I was writing.  I had been so very close.  I know it now overcomes all of the barriers to thought on the subject that our history has thrown up that impede progress in understanding.  I just always would have rather been writing poetry.

    The rewrite of Book 6 is not yet finished but it should be soon.  I will post again when it is ready.  You are more than welcome to thrash your way through the current version, it's not that bad, but the new version will make it clear as space.  If it does not, I really am finished.  There's no more I can do.  Maybe I am wrong about humanity.  I am not wrong about the problem that has held us in thrall in a prehuman state.

    If anyone would like to volunteer to read a draft, it wouldn't be disregarded.  Not so much a proof-read as to consider nuances.
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  • We have used every trick in the book to avoid the conscious realization that we are lousy at coitus.  We forced ourselves to remain little more than a dumb animal for three millennia.  It is dead easy for a man to make coitus work because we are human and have a useful brain!
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  • The chaos released from Pandora's Box (which in essence is our conscious awareness) is the realization that men do not know how to love.  What confounded everyone was the uncomfortable fact that love originates in the physical realm.  Rather than face the hope that was left in the box, that men can learn to love (as is inherent in the realization), men confounded themselves and attempted to coverup the disaster for three millennia due to nothing more than short term thinking.  They closed the lid.

    That is the chaos released from Pandora's Box.  Of course, men can learn to love!  We are sentient!  Of course, it starts with physical love.  What is truly appalling is that it took us three thousand years to figure out just how easy it is for a man to learn to love physically. 

    The Garden Of Eden is another matter entirely.  That male generated myth modification squashes any thought on the matter, any attempt at resolution, and blamed women for it all!  The Garden Of Eden is part of the male coverup of their unnecessary inability to provide love. 

    It is so sick, I shake with fury every time I ponder the pompous male attitude of excuse and their stupid certainty of ongoing failure!  It certainly nailed many significant, heavy duty nails into the coffin of our sentience. (just to be clear, I am male.)

    They could have, instead, left their eyes open and learn to love physically long, long ago.

    This is what Book 6 is all about: finally becoming human.


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