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Complete Felt Mountain
  • Hello! Me again.

    As I’m a complete Goldfrapp geek, and also love any kind of deluxe/super deluxe editions I’ve created this full list of FM remixes/b sides/live tracks etc. It’s supposed to be exhaustive so if anyone wants to add anything/edit it let me know! : )

    Lovely Head:

    Staré Mesto mix
    Miss world mix
    Radio Edit (unsure as to length of this, if it is actually any different)
    Capri Mix (not heard this personally)


    New Ears mix
    Sunroof mix
    Sunroof mix (edit)
    DNA mix
    Plaid Remix
    Equus mix
    6 pack mix
    Mick Harvey remix
    Tar water remix
    Genetically enriched
    Tom Middleton Cosmos Vocal
    Tim Wright Remix
    Jori Hulkkonen Remix
    Tom Middleton Cosmos Acid Dub


    On a star mix (sometimes called radio mix)
    87 Bpm Timestretched Radio Version


    Single mix
    Radio mix
    Calexico Instrumental
    Massey's Cro-Magnon Mix
    Calexico Vocal
    Massey's Neanderthal Mix

    Live tracks:

    Horse Tears

    B sides:

    UK girls (physical)

    Live Only tracks

    Fondue Knights
    Little Death

    The live tracks appear to come from a promo CD of one of their live gigs which is good, and could be released?

    Any other suggestions?
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  • Felt Mountain Work In Progress Mixes 2001 CD-R
    01-Ompa Bungalow
    02-Deer Stop
    all diffrent versions, mix and vocal.

    Felt Mountain - Radio Session (Promo) rcdstumm188 CD

    Felt Mountain", Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium April 2nd 2001 STUMM188 Promo CD-R

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