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Looking for an autographed copy of 'Tales of Us' lithograph art print
  • Hello deers ;)

    Remember this 'Tales of Us' Box Set?


    Well.. I've been hunting for a signed copy of the lithographic art print that came with it and thought I would try my luck here to see if anyone has one still in mint condition that they'd be willing to sell? Sadly my copy got damaged. Most of the signed prints had both Will and Alison's signatures along the bottom but mine had Will's autograph top left and Alison's bottom right.


    Ideally this version is the one I'd prefer and being the OCD person that I am, I'm hoping for it to be in mint/like new condition so that I can get it framed. Any chance someone still has theirs safely stored away after all these years and open to parting with it? Whether you want to sell the whole box set, parts of it, or just the print itself I'd be open to any suggestions.

    Much appreciated!

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