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  • Hello deer,

    I always wondered what a real fan-made Goldfrapp: Greatest Hits compilation would look like, so here is your chance to participate. Choose away and lets see which songs are the best of the best. This survey will close on the 4th of August, the most voted songs will make the cut on the record. The official compilation list will we be available on my tumblr (see below). I'll create something special out of this.

    Survey: https://forms.gle/DBDTwRigUad5eMwH9


    Warmth X

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  • Interesting idea. I've done the survey, but my choices dont necessarily reflect what I consider the strongest of GF's music. The thing is that each album is genuinely a world to itself. Chopping them up and juxtaposing them "Greatest Hits" stye does them an injustice; it's like cutting up your dearest friends and stitching the bits together like a Frankenstein-style monster. So I've tried to make a choice that sits comfortably together... 

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