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  • Does anyone else watch this just out of interest?

    Got to hand it to Susan Calman for being brave enough to wear and dress and a pair of heels after so many years of never going anywhere near that sort of thing. She us really embracing it.

    There was a media storm due to her dancing with her man because of her sexual orientation. She went mad in Twitter and quite rightedly so. Susan made her decision to dance with a man and fair play to her.

    Ruth Langford- Bless her heart she tries with Anton DuBec but needs to work on her turns a bit more.

    I miss Sir Bruce Forsyth the most. A real gentleman and diamond in the sky. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman are ok as tv presenters but dont have his charm.

    I urge you all to tune into the Halloween Special which is always a visual spectacular!
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  • Just to add that yesterday was movie week.

    Susan Calman was in character as Wonder Woman and did a samba dance

    Reverend Richard Coles transformed himself into Flash Gordon.

    Oh and Brian Conolly turned up as the Scarecrow out of The Wizard of Oz.

    Best dance of the evening went to Alexandra Burke and her dance partner for a American Smooth danced to the tune of 'Wouldn't it be lovely" from My Fair Lady.

    I just love this show- every year it gets crazier!
  • Can't abide it because of all the clapping. Grrrr... ~X(
  • Honestly- watch it on BBC iPlayer. You can skip right through the clapping. It's a really good show to watch just for the musicality and comedy value.
  • This weeks episode was just AMAZEBALLS!!!! Spectacular, dramatic and so much energy flying about.

    It was extra special too as it was filmed at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool. It makes me want to go back into dancing and pick up my jazz shoes.

  • Amazeballs.  Hahaha.

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