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The Classical Music Thread
  • Who are your favourite composers and classical music pieces?
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  • My favourite music composers are Edgar's Salut d'amour Op12 , Vivaldi's The Four Seasons and Handl' s water music II alla hornpipe.

    Verdi's La Donna from Rigoletto
    Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Op 20
    Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Op71
    Verdi's Brinsidi from La Travieta
    Saint Saen's Dance Macabre Op40

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  • Brilliant and thanks for the suggestions (I still have a lot to learn).  I'll check them out.  Mine are mostly focused on the piano...

    Beethoven - Fur Elise
    Satie - Gymnopedie
    Debussy - Clare de Lune
    Pachalbel - Canon in D Major
    Vivaldi - Four Seasons
    Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
    Mozart - Sonata in C, K545
    Schubert - Impromptu in A flat
    Henry VIII (or his piano teacher) - Greensleeves
    Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake
    Henry Purcell - Air
    Brahms - One Day We Walked
    Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker
    Mozart - Sonata in A Major
    Strauss - Blue Danube Waltz (another one I would LOVE to dance to)

    I was kinda struggling  with the order but I think I like it.
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  • The indexing of this forum is hopeless. So we get multiple threads on everything.

    Here's the original classical music thread
  • That is the problem, Whispered.  There is no way to find anything on this board except brute force which sucks and is not worth the effort unless you have been on this board for a very long.  And, if you have been on this board for a very long time, it is very frustrating because you remember the ease with which the old board was searchable.  Kinda like classical music...It was a symphony.
  • Ouuuu!!!  Opera, Serenity!  Thank you even more!  I needed a good exposure to Opera.  Never having lived (in a large city), I never got much exposure to opera.  I like it!
  • Verdi's La Donna from Rigoletto reminds me of The Family Man, one of my all-time favorite movies.  Corny, I'm sure, but I like it.
  • Gotta add that the story of Rigoletto kinda sucks...
  • Interesting how one thing leads to another.  Skimming your classical songs, Serenity, I ran across a book that I just have to get.  "The Manuscript found in Saragossa" sounds fascinating.  
  • I spent yesterday afternoon in a Hi-Fi store listening room auditioning a new system with a friend, built around products by a local company from Southend called Rega. She eventually bought a complete Rega system with the Rega Planer 3 as the record deck.
    We used about 8 different vinyl LP's to put it through its paces. I'll post a couple of the more contemporary ones in the what are you listening to thread but I took a 51 year old vinyl copy of Scherazade by Rimsky Korsikov along and it sounded fabulous. It belonged to my Father and is an early Stereo record. You can tell as it has "STEREO" imblazened in the top corner to differentiate it from Mono records that were still available at this time (1967).
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