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  • It's amazing.  All of the components that Alvin Toffler wrote about in "Future Shock", almost fifty years ago, are finally getting put in place.  So many of those books from back in that approximate era, from "1984" to" Fahrenheit" 451 are coming true to some extent.  The biggest error they all seemed to have was just how slowly mankind actually moves.  It's pretty cool.  I was just reading an article about person-to-person payment systems getting put in place by banks (they already existed elsewhere) and Etherium a cryptocurrency is pretty much all about the same thing, people paying people for things instead of paying companies.  Another piece of the gig economy being put in place.  As it's been many, many years since I read the book, I don't remember the details but it's pretty close to what I am seeing today as I think about it.  It could be significant.  No, more than that.  It is significant, it's just figuring out the nuts and bolts of it would be a challenge.
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  • In the USA, you suffer from the same polarised two party system that so restricts the UK. Two Tribes that seem locked in eternal combat, both impassioned to have us believe that their ideology is the right one, but both in cahoots to ensure that no newbies break in to end their stifling embrace. It has been so for many, many years, and the great literary works of Orwell, Bradbury and their kind was a direct consequence of these dogmas and the bleakness of what they offer.
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  • Yes, we do.  We need rationality to finally find a way.
  • I think authors have often had to tell the truth by means of disguise. These 'science fiction' authors who wrote about futuristic dystopia had really seen such things happening in their lives, but couldn't come forth and actually give real names and real events..it would've put them and their livelyhoods in jeopardy.
    Let's use Eugenics as an example, as it's often a theme in sci-fi. This was really happening in the 30's and 40's and was sparked by a Scottish/American named Madison Grant. He wrote a book that was the blueprint behind Hitler and WWII. Well even though such topics as sterilization, ethnic cleansing and creating a super-human race were very real then, they had to be fictionalized to reach their audience. Just like Big Brother and surveillance of ordinary citizens was just another name for Communism, but you can't say it out loud..so you disguise it.
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  • That's the cool thing about Future Shock.  It is not disguised as fiction.

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