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Faux Suede Drifter
  • Finally I'm starting to appreciate this track. Sounds like mix of Goldfrapp and Boards of Canada to me.
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  • My fave
  • Definitely my favorite one off Silver Eye. Heard it 35 times in just a few days.
  • Its my all-time favorite. It matches Black Cherry's greatness and romantic tone.
  • This song finally grabbed me. I kind of get the comparisons to Let It Take You and TOFTW but it's so much more emotional sounding.

  • Boards was a huge influence on her during the production of this album, particularly the album Tomorrow's Harvest and tracks like Reach for the Dead. One of the best albums out there really — you can lose yourself in the atmosphere it creates. She really ought to team up with Boards of Canada for a collaboration or an entire Goldfrapp album with them as producers, similar to what Bjork did with Vulnicura. It would feel so cohesive and textured, as opposed to Silver Eye which, while I adore very much, is really quite all over the place. It suffers from a major identity crisis in my opinion.

    Imagine BoC's tomorrow's Harvest with Alison's vocals and Will's Moog touches. Oh my God, yes please.
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