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Everything is Never Enough
  • Heard the song in full tonight from the 6 Music show, really blown away by it. The lyrics are so desolate and sad yet the mood is hopeful and defiant. The synths and Alison's voice build into this whirling tower of sound. Silver Eye is the album I always wished they would make.

    I can't make out if she is singing 'We are here in the future buzz' or 'we are here in the future burned'

    Guess more lyrics will be appearing on the site soon
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  • lovely 
  • It's "we are here in the future past."

    I especially enjoyed a second verse, it's so catchy.
  • haha, thanks wodny
  • My fave new song. Euphoric live
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  • Was a highlight from the show
  • Soooo good!
  • Gorgeous track, though the audio from the show was strangely lacking any sonic oomph. I'm sure the studio version will be incredible - reminds me of I Wanna Life.

    Ah, that song. I still laugh every time I hear it thanks to Alison's carefully chosen lyrics at the iTunes Festival (which I'm thinking was directed at the crowd / management as a quick shot when she forgot the lyrics).

    "I stare alone at empty asses."
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