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Album Leaker- Instrumentals on Youtube?
  • Hi Folks,

    After hearing that another new song 'Ocean'had been released, i went to have a listen on you-tube, and discovered something called Album Leaker.

    Nearly every song from the new album has an instrumental on there. Tigerman, zodiac black, systemagic etc. But whether these are the real instrumental version is questionable.

    Does Alison know about this?

    Go on you-tube and see for yourself.

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  • I once saw a pre-release leaked "version" of Star Wars while I was in China.  It had nothing to do with Star Wars.
  • Just went and found it, and it's safe to say it's not the song(s).  I only listened to the Tigerman one and right away realised it was a badly redone mix of 'Higher' by Kylie Minogue & Taio Cruz.
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