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dearest frau from uppity gay stevil on twitter...i know i know
  • i am completely off social media except for here and the Twin Peaks discussion board 

    dearest Alison please answer my celestial prayer and say your new music will somehow have a connection, even if distant to 

    TWIN PEAKS 2017 

    even if just a track

    please sweet gods and goddesses of lore

    please mr. angelo badalamenti say you've met with them

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  • Isn't it a kind of definition of great music that it makes it possible for us to make connections of our own?

    When a musician says, "Look,this piece is about the hopelessness of existence as it relates to Rachel and Ross off of Friends", then the result is always...erm....a bit crap?  
  • yes

    i'm enamoured by beauty 

    in the midst of such an ugly world 

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