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Thanks and info
  • Thanks to Urban_Tribesman!!!!
    Does anyone know if there are any official concert DVDs later than "Live at Somerset House and Shepherds Bush Empire".?
    I am recent convert to Goldfrapp but can't appear to locate any "newer" DVDs.
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  • Welcome to the wacky and frustrating world of Goldfrapp TP. Someone, somewhere has a hell of a bookcase full of Goldfrapp goodies that have been filmed, especially concerts but they frustratingly keep them to themselves and do not release them. Grrr!
    The last releases we saw were the 5 films ( was there 5 ?) of the Tales of Us album, directed and filmed by the incomparable Lisa Gunning. These were shown at a worldwide cinema event, along with a live concert from air studios. The 5 short films you can buy on ITunes and if you are careful, you can buy the version where all 5 run as a continuous show one after the other. Some songs from the air studio concerts have been released but not the whole thing I believe. Grrr again !
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  • If you look on discogs, you will see a bunch of random songs released as singles/promos, including a couple of video discs, but nothing substantial. The 2014 Montreaux Festival performance was broadcast on the telly I can't find the whole performance/programme anywhere on the web now, but you may find that some GMBers recorded the broadcast....  
  • Welcome to the wacky and frustrating world of Goldfrapp TP. 

  • I don't understand why the Air studio concert / TOU film hasn't been released, but I don't understand the music industry full stop. You would think there would be a buck or two to be made there? Maybe someone in the know can explain to us what costs are involved to the artist(s) for making a release? All this mystery and teasing does seem to be part of the seduction of being a Frapper ( and we love it really...)

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