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  • These are two of the books I've got on the go at the moment:

    The Oliver Sacks book is a perfect example of truth being stranger than fiction. The author is a neurophysiologist and writes about neurophysiological cases - what happens when the brain goes worng.  Fascinating.
    'The Pig That Wants to be Eaten' is an ideal read for the loo and I mean that in a good way.  Julian Baggini specialises in philosophy and this book consist of 100 'thought experiments' and then the authors insights.  Excellent for a good old ponder.  :-?
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  • i'm just about to start john waters 'crackpot'
  • sorry its not a book, but it ought to be

    "its MY favourite song"
  • tweety said:

    sorry its not a book, but it ought to be


  • i've read a couple of oliver sacks books, including that one. really interesting. have you read the island of the colour blind?
  • ping said:

    i'm just about to start john waters 'crackpot'

    This is the first Sacks I've read but it won't be the last hopefully.
    I've read 'Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters'. The guy visits prisons - for fun!

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  • ^ that doesn't surprise me. Have you seen 'this filthy world'? His live show?

  • Nope, I've not even seen 'Hairspray'.

  • Terry Pratchett - Good Omens

    Amongst others.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • great book, crowley is such a smooth motherf*cker
    "its MY favourite song"
  • Oooooh!  Good!  Ol' SciFi and Fantasy!  I was hesitating to join in.

    If you can find it, James P. Hogan, the Giants Trilogy.  Besides being really interesting thought-provocation, which I always considered the touchstone of good SF, the guy can spin a captivating tale.  Kinda like Asimov or Heinlein.

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    Q. Where do pigs keep their purses?
    A. In their hambags.

    Patient: "Doctor, Doctor, I keep stealing things!"
    Doctor: "I'll give you something to take for it."

    Q. What do you call a flying Policeman?
    A. A helicopper.

    Class act.
  • Anyone ever read, "Ender's Game"?
  • Currently reading "Donnerjack"
  • Just finished Terry Pratchett's 'Dodger'. Enjoyed it, although the inclusion of real historical figures didn't add much, I felt. Loved the Fagin-esque Solomon, though.
    About to finally read the monster tome that is 'His dark materials'. DC rates it highly, and Una named her daughter after the main character! :-)
  • Carpe Jugulum, Terry Pratchett
    If I were dead, could I do this?

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