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  • I thought someone else might have commented by now on the film Carol - maybe they have in another thread and I've missed it? Anyway....I'm pretty excited this am as Catherine and I are going out ( travelling quite some distance) later to see the film. The trailer looks amazing and Alison's endorsement prompted U.S. To go. I've also ordered the book and a couple of other Patricia Highsmith novels too to read over Christmas, what a treat. I'll comment again tomorrow on what we thought of the film. With Both Catherine and I the storyline strikes a chord, as both of us fell in love with older, married women when we were in our twenties, both of us had doomed relationships and were tortured by it...! Thank God we are both through the other side and lucky to have found each other. I predict we will both be making lots of hankies soggy and guzzling lots of popcorn!
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  • It was everything we expected it to be- beautifully filmed, perfect casting, romantic..slow...sensuous..and such a treat to be able to relax in front of an intelligent film that wasn't all special effects and high action. I kept finding myself noting all those little details I remembered from my grandparents houses. I can remember going into a large department store like the one depicted, as a small kid, with the old cash registers etc!
    A lovely film....we didn't cry, but neither of us spoke for the first few minutes after it, both lost in thought and a bit choked I think..
    What made me especially sad though was the fact that there were only another ten or so people in the cinema with us ( of them, 8 were OAPS). Seems that films without the violence etc just don't draw..grrrrr. The Danish Girl looks great too, going to see that next week.
  • I think it's only playing in NYC and in LA. We're gonna have to wait to see it here in the States. Which is rediculous because, it's an American film isn't it?? I could be wrong, haven't checked but...I believe it is. Anyway, glad to hear you liked it. And glad to hear it didn't make you cry. When I know it's going to be a devastatingly sad film I often put off seeing for a while.

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  • Maybe I'll even have time to read the book. I wonder which one is better ultimately. Many film adaptations fall short of the mark. Some are spot on, and a very rare few exceed the original novel. Unless of course the novel is crap and the film is crap too, just slightly less so.
    But that is clearly not the case here. Looking forward to seeing it whoever it rolls around.
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  • I believe they're doing what's called a Platform release- a type of marketing strategy (?) anyway, yeah...NY and LA for now- I believe a general release here near Christmas. Don't worry Kat- we'll have a fine chat about it later! :-bd
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  • Great! I know what you mean about the old dilemma, book or film first? I'd usually opt for the book, but in this case I was too impatient. It won't be a problem seeing The two leading ladies in my minds eye again! Who made me think Hepburn and Bergman all the way through the film, which was a bit unfair ( was it deliberate casting?...)
  • I hope everyone gets a chance to see this. The limited release does kind of suck. It's just very tender and I teared up near the end. May the hopeless romantics unite!
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  • Having now read the book ( pretty much in one sitting!) I can see where the scriptwriter veered from the original story here and there. But the film did do the book justice, and it was nice to read the book after actually, as it was nice to get the added details and psychological depth in the book. I did think that some of the symbolism in the book was a bit corny though...( am I allowed to say that?!!!)
  • Hmm, you're right Kat...the book provided more depth of character. I would have preferred a closer adaptation myself. Some sense of feeling is missing or glossed over. Hmm, maybe more inner dialogue from the characters would have sufficed..it was a film that was "showing" as a way of "telling"- but sometimes we need some background. I still absolutely loved it, fantastic.

    I told a friend to see it and she texted me from the theater, "When's the sex scene?" She was getting impatient, haha. All I know is that Mara has control. If Cate would've gotten on top of me, I probably would've cum right there..it's that deep silky voice of hers! Ok, enough fantasizing for now- but that voice is like kryptonite.
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  • As well as my Marg Simpson impersonation ( which I once used on my home Ansaphone!) I do a very throaty Gina Lolabrigida . It drives Catherine nuts. I call her Olga from the Volga. She comes out when I'm feeling lusty ha ha!!
  • Need to add, it gets me nowhere, just a whack with the remote control usually.
  • Ugh, since we're talking "voices" i used to do David Bowie. My first girlfriend/wife got me into him. She was obsessed with him. Whenever she was bitching, I'd say in a low, deep sultry voice "oh, baby...just you shut your mouth" from the song Little China Girl. Then I would put my finger to my lips and go "Shhhh'. She would instantly crack up and snap out of bitch mode. Wish I could use that move in everyday life, :p
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  • You HAVE to go to YouTube and look at the Carol Parody by Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani.
    Here's to Glove Lunches!!! :))
  • ^Brilliant, Kat! Ta.
  • Bahahahaha! Excellent
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